My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Kasparie - “That's that killer instinct that teams need to have at this point in the season. That's going to get them somewhere.”
 Jeff Kasparie - “We've seen teams in this area try to triple him. What that does is let him get 18, 20 points and also get seven or eight assists. Justin reads well. He's not the type of kid that's just going to shoot it every time he touches it. He's going to try and find the open man.”
 Jeff Kasparie - “This time in the season our kids have that killer instinct. They didn't back down from the physical play.”
 Jeff Kasparie - “Skill-wise, he hasn't done anything spectacular this year from the previous year because the skills were there. Right now, it's just his focus and determination to carry this team and show them the way it needs to be done that's impressive.”
 Jeff Kasparie - “I saw us execute defensively what we were supposed to do at the beginning of the game. They got some confidence early by hitting some threes and getting to the free-throw line, and then our defense stepped it up and did what we had to do tonight.”
 Jeff Kasparie - “It's kind of surprising to some people we are in this position, but these kids have continued to grow. We definitely have improved throughout the season. Justin is a guard in a post player's body. We've had kids step up for us. Even though he is scoring a lot for us, Justin is very much a team player.”
 Jeff Kasparie - “Being 6-8 and 225 (pounds), playing 32 minutes of basketball, (Justin) is going to wear out. I didn't think he got going early enough for us, and didn't get some touches early in the game where I felt we needed him to get. Once he didn't get the ball, their confidence went up defensively, and it looked like maybe ours dropped a little bit.”
 Jeff Kasparie - “I don't want to make this sound bad, but he plays wherever he wants to. He does step out and shoot the 3. It's kind of nice to have a 6-6 junior to help on the boards. When (Brock) gets around the basket he's so athletic he can create his own shot, not just a baby hook or jump shot.”