My Favorite Quotes
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 Ralph Kates - “All they said is they wanted to see everything connected with the case. It was a fishing expedition and an attempt to use a news reporter as a secret deputy of detectives.”
 Ralph Kates - “Our position is that our reporter will not testify to the district attorney or be interviewed by the district attorney or detectives from the District Attorney's Office. The Times Leader and its reporters are not investigators for the prosecution or the defense in any case they are simply news reporters.”
 Ralph Kates - “This is a total victory, everything we requested from the court. We did not want any confidential source to be identified and we did not want to produce any reporter's notes. That's what the judge provided.”
 Ralph Kates - “The conduct of the defendants shocks the conscience and demonstrates deliberate indifference to the rights, privileges and immunities of the Times Leader and the public.”
 Ralph Kates - “Our argument is an informed public is the most important asset the county has. The public cannot be informed if every time someone talks to a news reporter there is a danger that some county detective is going to find out who they are and what they said.”
 Frederick Ward Kates - “The Christian clearly understands that Jesus does not reveal all that is signified by the word 'God,' but only as much as could be revealed through a perfect human personality living in absolute obedience to God's will. The knowledge of God that men have by virtue of Jesus' revelation is quite enough for men to live by in this life, and to live gloriously and thankfully by, Christians maintain the knowledge that God the Creator, the Almighty and Eternal, the Lord of history, is man's Heavenly Father, and that love might well be, and indeed is, the ultimate meaning of human existence.”
 Don B. Kates - “A half century ago Herbert Wechsler could justify the legal right of deadly force self-defense in terms of the 'universal judgment that there is no social interest in preserving the lives of the aggressors at the cost of those of their victims.' That is not a universal judgment today.”