My Favorite Quotes
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 David Kathman - “It hasn't been as good a market for the more aggressive small-cap stocks that she tends to own, and there have been a few portfolio blow-ups such as her holdings in Able Labs and Avid Technologies. I don't think there's any reason to sell your shares, especially if you've owned them a while, but it is not one of the premier funds in its category.”
 David Kathman - “I was pretty sure Kraft would go up but we were not expecting a huge pop like the tech names during the Internet bubble heyday.”
 David Kathman - “Philip Morris has done a good job running Kraft but they are still so involved that tobacco litigation is going to hold Kraft back a little bit.”
 David Kathman - “This is not a high-yielding fund relative to its category. The median yield of the utility funds we cover is 2.4 percent, while this one yields 1.7 percent.”
 David Kathman - “It's a pretty good fund, but don't get too excited about its recent record because it was dependent on energy stocks, and that performance may not continue forever. You don't necessarily need a utilities fund in your portfolio, but people buy them for yield and to add diversification if they already have growth funds.”
 David Kathman - “Weber goes off the beaten path. He practically scoffs at a lot of common valuation metrics and he isn't afraid to get heavily into certain industries that might make other people nervous. He definitely has the strength of his convictions, and for the most part it's worked out fairly well.”