My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Katich - “The first half was just a complete reversal of the last time we played them. I thought last time was a fluke in terms of how we played, but our kids have really improved.”
 Joe Katich - “This is the only place we've had trouble at all year. Unfortunately, we had to win a big game on their floor and we just couldn't get it.”
 Joe Katich - “The better team won. Johnston put forth a great effort on our home floor. I was disappointed we came out in the first quarter and didn't play the defense I expected us to play, but hats off to Johnston. I thought a number of their kids really played their roles well.”
 Joe Katich - “He was our first priority we just couldn't stop him. We just told Pat to play straight-up with him, and it didn't work. We were counting on the other guys having an off night, and they did.”
 Joe Katich - “We leave David close to the paint and let the other guys gamble a bit defensively. Usually, he'll deter enough shots underneath to make a difference down there.”
 Joe Katich - “He was under control, he was making 3-point shots. He was the difference in the first half.”
 Joe Katich - “In the tournament, most teams aren't going to be playing 75-, 80-point games. The games are slower, more conservative and we need to work on our man-to-man defense. We're capable of playing it, but we've got to fine-tune.”
 Joe Katich - “You can't blame it on any one player. It was a team effort for a loss. I don't think we've played any worse.”
 Joe Katich - “We set the game of basketball back 100 years tonight. We got guys doing one-on-one's. Urbandale played like a team tonight. We certainly didn't do what I taught them to do.”
 Joe Katich - “If you like offensive basketball, it was a good game to watch. I wasn't sure either one of us wanted to play good defense. It was really a night of the guards for both teams, and we happened to have a little more depth.”
 Joe Katich - “We are taking baby steps. . . . It has been hard to get their confidence back. We were a damaged team after last Friday night and we needed to get our feet back under us. It wasn't pretty tonight, but Southeast Polk will make you play a game that is slow and rugged, and I thought we responded pretty well in the second half.”