My Favorite Quotes
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 Volker Kauder - “It was a victory for Angela Merkel and the grand coalition in Berlin.”
 Volker Kauder - “The World Cup is taking place in Germany. It's only right for us to have tickets so we can host foreign guests.”
 Volker Kauder - “The talks will be difficult, certain issues will be problematic there is no question, but we want to give the country a stable government and that can only work under a grand coalition. I am optimistic.”
 Volker Kauder - “Common aims have to be found for a coalition -- a 'grand coalition' must renew the country and move it forward.”
 Volker Kauder - “The German people are waiting for a government to be formed. I call on the rational elements in the Social Democratic Party to recognize our claim to the chancellery so that we can move ahead on the substance of these talks.”
 Volker Kauder - “We are optimistic, but one must admit that a great deal of work lies ahead.”
 Volker Kauder - “With this agreement we've brought about an improvement for all families. We've achieved an improvement for families with one income and we've made it better to combine family and work.”
 Volker Kauder - “Yesterday, I was in agreement with all those in the SPD that are preparing the coalition talks that there will be a grand coalition.”