My Favorite Quotes
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 Kapil Kaul - “Each deterrent in some way results in slowing the industry's growth.”
 Kapil Kaul - “This growth story is attracting a lot of investors and new international airlines are trying to ride the boom in India.”
 Ashish Kaul - “Certainly there is no limit to success. But these numbers have made us very happy. It has been the best performance Zee TV recorded in the recent times.”
 Kirk Kaul - “This was a hard-fought and well-earned victory. It shouldn't have been that close, but we had some missed free throws and turnovers.”
 Ashish Kaul - “Women will win in a situation where there is no vote-in. Women are womens worst enemies. This should somewhat negate both the regional slant and the bias against women.”
 Kirk Kaul - “We didn't make a three and that hurt. Only free throw attempts hurt and 29-15 on the glass is pretty distinctive.”
 Kirk Kaul - “We couldn't wait to get back on the floor after our loss on Tuesday and we were focused. When we saw that Gaspar was out we had to change our plan. With him out we decided we could press them.”
 Kapil Kaul - “When you have more planes in the country, it makes a great deal of sense to have a local pilot-training center.”
 Kapil Kaul - “We expect low-cost carriers to capture at least 60-70 percent of the market by 2010.”
 Ashish Kaul - “We have had both on-air and off-air impact. On air we have seen 200,000 business proposals come in. We were so overwhelmed that we had to create an entire cell at Zee to sift through the entries. It seems to have changed the concept of reality TV and life.”
 Ashish Kaul - “We are a major consumer of film and movie products. This will be in synergy with the business of Zee Music and Zee Cinema.”