My Favorite Quotes
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 Thom Kaumeyer - “He was the ultimate team guy. He learned from Kirk and Matt (McCoy) and when it was his turn, he was ready to lead the team and he has good qualities to do it.”
 Thom Kaumeyer - “He had all the tools he just had to do a better job of applying himself (academically). He's a good kid, and so far it's worked out really well.”
 Thom Kaumeyer - “Sure, there's going to be some mistakes. But we had some mistakes last year and the year before that. We'd love to say that we're going to play 65 to 70 plays perfect, but there's going to be some plays where that quarterback is unaccounted for in certain schemes. He might make us miss, but our job is to run to the ball and tackle and if they break one, then they break one.”
 Thom Kaumeyer - “I'd much rather have a two-tight end, running-the-ball type of team than this. Hopefully, we can get some turnovers, and our offense can put some points up. Then we can be more patient. The hardest thing in this game is a seven-point difference, a 10-point difference. Then they can do a lot more stuff to you. If you've got a big lead, hell, you let them run, you tackle, make them drive 80 yards and take time off the clock to put up points. But to me, the only way you stop this team is you run out of time.”
 Thom Kaumeyer - “I had offers to go other places, but then it's a situation where you're coming in to join a staff that's already in place. Obviously, not having to uproot your family is important, but the other thing that came into play was the relationship that I had built with these kids over the last four years.”