My Favorite Quotes
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 Kelly Kavanaugh - “We really came out swing our bats today. They have been struggling with that the last three games and haven't been putting runs on the board.”
 Kevin Kavanaugh - “We're probably in the position where we can take a deep breath and look at this in the spring.”
 Kelly Kavanaugh - “You want to understand the powers and predilection of the national government to look at your data and the chance that the service provider would comply. Some country is always getting caught doing some industrial espionage against U.S. companies. It's nothing new.”
 Kelly Kavanaugh - “Today she just took command out there. The kids wanted it and Stacey did a great job and my hat goes off to (Marian), they did a great job too.”
 James Kavanaugh - “I was born to catch dragons in their dens And pick flowers To tell tales and laugh away the morning To drift and dream like a lazy stream And walk barefoot across sunshine days.”