My Favorite Quotes
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 Junichiro Kawaguchi - “If we cannot revive the thrusters, of course a return journey is impossible.”
 Kathy Kawaguchi - “There will be a savings. Now that we're through one year (of restructuring) we understand there are strengths in our schools. (We will look for) where are the needs and target those areas.”
 Kathy Kawaguchi - “I don't want it to be an excuse, but if you look across the board in any educational arena, it will take at least three years before there are significant changes.”
 Junichiro Kawaguchi - “We are disappointed about the postponement of the departure, but we will work hard to have the probe back to Earth as long as there is a possibility.”
 Junichiro Kawaguchi - “We could prove an epoch-making planetary exploration through autonomous navigation and guidance, and stand foremost in the world in deep space exploration technology.”
 Junichiro Kawaguchi - “This is disappointing, but we'll spend the coming year trying to rescue the craft and retrieve it in June 2010 if we can control it again by the beginning of 2007.”
 Junichiro Kawaguchi - “Now the spacecraft attitude is within our hand, but the spacecraft is threatened by another gas eruption. That is why we have to perform the baking operation to exclude those gases from the spacecraft. The xenon gas left is sufficient for the return cruise to the Earth.”