My Favorite Quotes
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 Kyra Kaylor - “Bad games happen, but they're not acceptable.”
 Kyra Kaylor - “We got to a point where we tied it up and thought we were going to turn the corner, and Georgia State hit some big shots. You can't help that. They came to play, and we just couldn't pull it off tonight.”
 Nancy Kaylor - “You might find people are more productive when they're at work if they don't go in feeling so hassled and stretched out for time.”
 Nancy Kaylor - “It's an expensive problem. The model for when and how we work has changed.”
 Nancy Kaylor - “You can't tune work out or turn it off. You've got the e-mail, the voice mail, the pager. Even when you're not at work, work is very much with you. It's harder for employees to balance their personal needs and the expectations of the boss.”