My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Kayser - “We will have umpires on the field for all of our games in the event of a strike.”
 Karen Kayser - “The government still hasn't purchased the land yet for building permanent housing, even though the NGOs are ready to go with funding.”
 Karen Kayser - “They don't own fishing boats or land but often work as workers on others' land.”
 Tom Kayser - “That's something that I wouldn't have anticipated, that kind of activity in a concentrated period of time.”
 Boris Kayser - “It's a wonderful human-interest story, because here the predictor did not back down, and the measurer did not back down. This went on for decades, and in the end it was proved that they were both right.”
 Karen Kayser - “People have been particularly affected because of the salt water flooding the farmlands, which has left them unable to produce crops. They lost their livelihood even though they may not necessarily have lost their homes.”
 Tom Kayser - “That's not my concern. Umpires are not required to talk to the media, period. They can only speak to (the press) voluntarily if they choose to.”
 Karen Kayser - “When you see people happy and content with so little after they've lost so much, who can still find meaning and purpose, it makes our lives seem shallow sometimes. The children especially were always smiling. It was heartwarming to see it gives you a whole new perspective.”
 Boris Kayser - “We don't have the death penalty for adultery.”