My Favorite Quotes
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 Elia Kazan - “If there is a better performance by a man in the history of film, I don't know what it is.”
 Elina Kazan - “We are very concerned about the individuals who were hurt.”
 Elia Kazan - “You've got to keep fighting - you've got to risk your life every six months to stay alive.”
 Elia Kazan - “You have to remind people of their own struggles. It's a responsibility.”
 Elia Kazan - “You can't just sit there and do the lines. You have to do something revealing or unusual.”
 Elia Kazan - “When you know what an actor has, you can reach in and arouse it. If you don't know what he has, you don't know what the hell is going on.”
 Elia Kazan - “Very often the Group actor is a critic when he's acting and an actor when he's criticizing.”
 Elia Kazan - “To be a member of the Communist Party is to have a taste of the police state. It is a diluted taste but is bitter and unforgettable.”
 Elia Kazan - “The physical life of the scene is determined by whether the set squeezes people together or whether the set has an escape place in it.”
 Elia Kazan - “The motion pictures I have made and the plays I have chosen to direct represent my convictions.”
 Elia Kazan - “The more ambivalent you are and the more uncertain you are, then you can get something that you cannot anticipate.”
 Elia Kazan - “The makers of entertainment must try, in our field, to be honest and grown-up.”
 Elia Kazan - “Our relationship was cursed by the fact that we agreed on everything.”
 Elia Kazan - “I've lost many of my best friends... I'm going to satisfy myself now, not the critics, not even my friends.”
 Elia Kazan - “I'm small, but I'm neither compliant nor agreeable.”
 Elia Kazan - “I wouldn't go up on a stage now if you paid a thousand dollars for one minute of acting. It's a nasty experience. You're up there all by yourself. You're so damn exposed.”
 Elia Kazan - “I would rather do what I did than crawl in front of a ritualistic Left and lie the way those other comrades did betray my own soul.”
 Elia Kazan - “I was very intense. I think it's a privilege to be an actor.”
 Elia Kazan - “I was the hero of the young insurgent working class art movement.”
 Elia Kazan - “I was not what you'd call a first-class actor, but I did all right.”
 Elia Kazan - “I was not a collective person or a bohemian I was an elitist.”
 Elia Kazan - “I was even superior to the Communists and when they didn't go along with me, I quit them.”
 Elia Kazan - “I was both very successful and very left the living demonstration of how you could be on the left and still be in the gossip columns and be envied for the money you made.”
 Elia Kazan - “I was an outsider... but I was also sympathetic with people that were struggling to get up, because I struggled to get up.”
 Elia Kazan - “I was always a self-conscious person.”

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