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 Thomas Kean - “Changes in government organization are vastly important but are still only part of what we need to do.”
 Thomas Kean - “The terrorists are smart because they will go where the security is the weakest. We have no greater fear then a terrorist who is inside the United States with a nuclear weapon ... so why isn't the President talking about securing nuclear materials”
 James McKean - “If you want to coach, then that should be what you do, ... You have to want to wake up in the morning and watch tapes. I wanted to read books.”
 Thomas Kean - “It's very disappointing. All we're trying to do is make the public safer.”
 Thomas Kean - “I think there's a real question in my mind and I think of several other commissioners as to whether the president's getting decent information, as to whether the president's getting the kind of thing the president needs to make the kind of decisions that the president every day has to make.”
 Thomas Kean - “It's very disappointing, ... All we're trying to do is make the public safer.”
 Michael McKean - “When we can figure out a way to really tour and make a profit, then we'll do it again.”
 Michael McKean - “I'm not channeling anyone in particular, ... I just imagine myself living a life that I never live. I don't have the executive gene.”
 Dave McKean - “We had a sort of five-year plan. Neil wanted to go off and do Hollywood, while I wanted to make little films in my barn, on my own, and not show them to anybody, and see how it went. And the idea was, I'd get a point of view, and he'd get some clout, and then we'd meet up in a few years and make a feature film. Which is pretty much how it worked.”
 Thomas Kean - “This is not a terrorist incident, but it brings into play all of the same issues and shortcomings, ... What makes you mad is that it's the same things we saw on 911. Whoever is responsible for acting in these places hasn't acted. Are they going to do it now What else has to happen for people to act”
 Michael McKean - “Part of it is what it's always been -- the vicarious thrill of seeing people who are much richer and more famous live lives that are wonderful, even if they are complete fakes. I think people simultaneously worship and despise celebrities.”
 Thomas Kean - “The most painful death in all the world is the death of a child. When a child dies, when one child dies-not the 11 per 1,000 we talk about statistically, but the one that a mother held briefly in her arms-he leaves an empty place in a parent's heart that will never heal.”
 Michael McKean - “I think you have everyone kind of pulling on the same end of the rope. It's not like you're Robin Williams and everyone else is a deaf mute. It's like - there's plenty of help.”
 Leslie Kean - “Most people don't think that there is evidence because they haven't look for it. There's such a little green men mindset in this culture. It's hard to work your way through that.”
 Thomas Kean - “Some of the failures are shocking. Four years after 911, it is a scandal that police and firefighters in large cities still can't talk to each other when they are hit with a major crisis.”
 Thomas Kean - “There's no question that we are not as safe as we need to be. Our leadership has been distracted in this country. Some of the failures are shocking.”
 Thomas Kean - “There are many things that people think have been done that simply haven't been done. Our leadership has been distracted in this country. Some of the failures are shocking.”
 David McKean - “I don't see how you can convince any court that the people who smoke didn't know about the health risks involved.”
 Thomas Kean - “It's not a priority for the government right now. You don't see the Congress or the president talking about public safety is number one, as we think it should be, and a lot of the things we need to do really to prevent another 911 just simply aren't being done by the president or by the Congress.”
 Thomas Kean - “The fact that Congress has chosen not to do something about this is a national scandal that has cost lives,”
 Thomas Kean - “If Congress does not act, people will die -- I cannot put it more simply than that.”
 Dave McKean - “I learned that you don't start up a new computer-rendering studio during production,”
 Thomas Kean - “It was obvious nobody knew who was in charge. There was no unified command structure ... the mayor is saying one thing, the governor says another. The president is in the state, and the governor learns about it on TV.”
 Thomas Kean - “you had no command and control. Who was in charge Really, nobody was in charge.”
 Michael McKean - “He asked us to write a song. We went home, and we were out walking the dog and started playing with lyrics and melody. Annette has a wonderful ear for music. She kind of started out in musical comedy, and she's always been a singer and dancer - but she's never been a songwriter before, but she just has a great natural sense of what sounds good.”

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