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 Austin Kearns - “The game was close, so I figured I might get to pinch hit. I had a bad game Saturday and had been battling. I needed to relax. That (hit) was good to see.”
 Jim Kearns - “I have made a very large capital investment. I can guarantee you these will not be run-down shanties.”
 Austin Kearns - “He was a guy everybody looked up to as far as his leadership and what he brought to the field every day. He's a guy who was there for everybody and who cared about what everybody did or was doing. He kind of looked out for everybody.”
 Bracken Kearns - “I always play well in this rink, even if I'm in a slump. I have a lot of confidence in this barn. I saw a lot of the net tonight. Once that first one went in, you think you can score every time and it seems easy.”
 Randy Kearns - “It's been going on, and we're seeing different solutions, certainly disk-to-disk stuff has been a big deal. But now we're starting to see some continuous backup products out on the market...things where we just keep track of changes and keep multiple generational backups--being able to establish a recovery time objective.”
 Randy Kearns - “I worked at IBM a long time, and I think it was 1974 that I was working in their general practice division in Colorado. The head of the general practice division said to us in an all-hands meeting there that IBM believes that tape is dead and (that) we should be getting out of tape.”
 Bracken Kearns - “Home-ice advantage would be huge. It's a smaller rink and the fans are unbelievable. Teams have a tough time playing here. So it's especially important for us.”
 Austin Kearns - “He's a good dude. There were times we'd look over and tell him that anything he could get to take it, because we were still a work in progress.”
 Austin Kearns - “Last year, Wily was playing a lot. He was hot from the get-go. I think it's a different mind-set when you know you're going to be out there. My first two at-bats weren't all that great. This year, I'm not sitting there worrying about if I don't do something here I might not be in there tomorrow. It's easier on the mind-set.”
 Bracken Kearns - “I've never had a feeling like this on a team. It just doesn't feel like we're ever going to lose even if we're down 4-1. We have all the tools to be able to come back and win hockey games.”
 Austin Kearns - “It was ugly on our part. They didn't play that well either. It wasn't a very pretty game.”
 Bracken Kearns - “It was so important for us for a variety of factors. We have not lost in the playoffs, so we have a lot of confidence.”
 Austin Kearns - “That was the worst wind I've ever seen here. It wasn't easy out there by any means.”
 Austin Kearns - “I think with all his injuries people overlooked him. He's definitely back, and what he's done looks all the more impressive.”
 Gina Kearns - “I like the uncertainty of it all. It's the opportunity to be part of the beginning, to be part of a team that can develop. We're all in it together.”
 John Kearns - “Within 10 years a good number of priests will be at retirement age. The best-case scenario is that in 2020 we anticipate having 70 priests.”
 John Kearns - “We had a nurse here in case that happened. She was fine. She came to, but (they) took her to the hospital to make sure she was fine.”
 Tim Kearns - “We have to work to make it old again. It's a challenge to get it back to the way it was.”
 Austin Kearns - “He's had some tough luck against these guys, so it's good to see him come out and pitch the way he did. Any time you can do that here against a lineup that can hit the ball out of the ballpark like them, that's impressive.”
 John Kearns - “Although there is no plan to shutter a number of churches, there could be some changes down the road. If we have two smaller groups struggling, we can bring them together. Can they share a building could they share a priest”
 Austin Kearns - “It's important anywhere. The winning organizations, that's what they have. They have a plan and stick with it. Everybody knows what's going on and knows what to expect. That's what we're striving to get to, I guess.”
 John Kearns - “You hear about it in other places, but we're fortunate here.”
 Tim Kearns - “There's a project to be done all the time. Patience has been important.”
 Jim Kearns - “The width of these lots demands only a one-car garage, and the market demands a two-car garage now for families.”
 Jim Kearns - “You lose your privacy, but the cost is reasonable.”

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