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 Jevon Kearse - “We'll take it, though. You don't get choosy about how you win games. This is the NFL. But you've still got to be nasty. That's basically what it's all about, having those nasty characteristics and sticking with it. The thing is, you still haven't seen our nastiest stuff so far.”
 Jevon Kearse - “No. Hey, we won last week. I'd be good if we go 15-1 and I have no sacks. I would be perfectly fine.”
 Jevon Kearse - “It's going to show if the veterans did a good job of keeping everyone focused and will let us know if we as professionals ... didn't let it distract us.”
 Jevon Kearse - “Even if it's the preseason, we have to go out and put in everyone's head that we're going to do some things this year. Each week we're trying to work on a different aspect, especially the defensive line.”
 Jevon Kearse - “We want to get ourselves into the history books, too.”
 Jevon Kearse - “With a three-step drop, you just have to get your hands up and hope you can get your hands on the ball.”
 Jevon Kearse - “I thought it was big of him. It's a good start. Maybe it means he's grown. But I'm worried about the guys in this locker room right now. I'm done with that situation.”
 Jevon Kearse - “It's going to go down to game time Sunday with the treatments. I definitely want to finish the season playing.”
 Jevon Kearse - “It's very frustrating. There's been a whole lot of maximum-protecting against us, but there are other things we have to do better. I think we have nine less sacks this year than we did last year at this time.”
 Jevon Kearse - “I do have a lot of singles that I need to take advantage of, ... I get so many doubles here or there that by the time I get the singles, it's so rare that I can't believe I would get a single. I really don't take advantage of them.”
 Jevon Kearse - “We told him all week, you cannot leave your feet. You leave your feet with Vick, by the time you touch back down, the referee is going like this signaling a touchdown.”
 Jevon Kearse - “With coach Reid, it's, 'OK, we're going to do this and this and this today,' ... And that's what we do. He wants us out there working hard, doing the little things, hustling. Practice is crisp. There's none of that standing around. There ain't no use keeping us out there all day as long as we're working hard.”
 Jevon Kearse - “It'll get tighter as the games go on. We'll be in tougher games, for sure, and we'll need to be ready. Today was nice, but it didn't end up as a real test for us. We've got that coming.”
 Jevon Kearse - “He just got caught up in the mix at Tennessee, but he can play. When the Eagles asked me, I told them, 'I'll go to war with this cat. Trust me, you're gonna like what you see.' I know what kind of player he is.”
 Jevon Kearse - “There's a couple more good players on the team so we're going to worry about those guys, also, but L.T. is kind of like the first guy you worry about. First and foremost, we've got to stop that run.”
 Jevon Kearse - “We just have to play football, and you win games from week to week. We know people are looking at us and they're preparing for us, but all you can do is take it one game at a time.”
 Jevon Kearse - “That's always been the case. All you can do is just keep coming, keep coming -- because if they put all those people on me, then someone else can make a play. And that's been happening a lot lately.”
 Jevon Kearse - “You have to contain him, keep him in the pocket. If you don't, the score probably would have been uglier than it was. We all knew as a group what we could do and what we couldn't do. Afterwards, we were like, 'Man, if we would have just went all out, whatever happens, happens, but it didn't happen like that.' But we have 15 more to make up for it.”
 Jevon Kearse - “We're still sitting on our last loss. ... So there's no better way to get that last loss behind you than to get a win in the regular season.”
 Jevon Kearse - “A lot of us are just in disbelief right now. We're still in denial. Like we can't believe something like this is happening. With the talent we have on this team, starting off 0-3, we never imagined it in a million years. We've got to start winning here somewhere.”
 Jevon Kearse - “With No. 81 being out of the lineup, we feel like we need to take it upon ourselves as a defense to get more turnovers and play better so we can get our offense back together and get them used to playing together. Now there's going to be a new person in the lineup, so we need to keep them on the field as much as possible to get them used to playing together in a game atmosphere and give them more chances to score touchdowns.”
 Jevon Kearse - “It's a statement game, preseason or not. We are trying to make a statement for the rest of the world, so they can see that we are going to be the best defense.”
 Jevon Kearse - “Feels like I'm in college again,”
 Jevon Kearse - “I was angry I felt real bad for him. All the preparation, all the minicamps, training camp, everything was geared toward this game right here. Then for him not to be able to play in it, I really felt like we needed to go out there and win it just for him.”
 Jevon Kearse - “You can't blame him, with all the stuff he's been through, especially going through all of the rehab in the offseason. He's making plays and it's good for me because maybe I won't see as many double-teams or whatnot.”

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