My Favorite Quotes
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 Jack Keefer - “It's history in the making, but we still have one more game.”
 Bill Keefer - “Yeah, we have a good defense. But with the cold weather, a field with no fence and these bats you're never comfortable unless you're up eight or nine.”
 Jack Keefer - “The guy's a winner. He's set the tone for this team for four years.”
 Jack Keefer - “What they accomplished is unbelievable. You think any night you're going to stumble, but they just wouldn't let that happen.”
 Jack Keefer - “When you're goal-oriented, and you've got direction, that's what gets you up early in the morning, even if it's snowy and cold. That gets you working after practice. That gets you working on things you looked bad at in the last game.”
 Jack Keefer - “That's a lot of points. I'm sure teams they've played have tried to slow them down and couldn't. We have to turn the game into one where we rebound it, and they can't fast break. But we're a running team, too, so it'll be an interesting outcome. The rebounds will make the difference.”
 Jack Keefer - “He's a team player first. He's a defensive player second, and he's an offensive player third. He's just the ultimate of an unselfish young man. He's a great student, the kids love him.”
 Tim Keefer - “Our selling point is you can get a Division I education and still play Division III ball. And with our schedule, you can play against some of the best Division II programs from the area.”
 Tim Keefer - “That's our game. But in the college game, that shot clock makes a difference. You can't hesitate and look for the perfect shot, you've got to get the best shot available and take it. We just didn't get a lot of good looks in the first half, though.”
 Jack Keefer - “It's just the opposite this year from the ranking and record standpoint, so from that perspective I hope we don't have the same result. We know that Arlington is a capable opponent and has improved its game during the course of the year. But while they're better, we hope we are, too.”
 Jack Keefer - “I think this is the hardest day of basketball in the nation. We're expected to play two teams that are well coached, two teams that are very good, in the same day with what, three to four hours rest To get through today was a major obstacle course.”
 Tim Keefer - “I'm not out there actively recruiting all over the country. But there are students who want to go to Penn State who may not be able to get on the main campus right away. Or they may want to play basketball and see we're doing OK, so they inquire about us. I just got a call from a kid from Arizona who wants to come here.”
 Jack Keefer - “Last year, we had (Brandon) McPherson and Donald (Cloutier) and Tyler (Morris). The year before we had Penny and Stefan Routt. These are guys that were awfully good basketball players. When you think of the Marion teams (that won three straight state titles in the '80s), it was all the same kids. They didn't have to make all the adjustments (from year to year).”
 Jack Keefer - “Any time you've got a good point guard, you're way ahead of the game. Any time you've got a good center, you're way ahead of the game. Any time that combination has a good feel for each other . . . it has a tremendous impact on the game.”
 Jack Keefer - “Q. started out winning his position because of his defense and his ability to take care of the ball. His passing has really added to the team's strength, and he just plays very hard. I think Q.'s hard play and his toughness of mind has rubbed off on many of the other players, and he's been a very good attribute for the team.”