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 John Keeley - “I think cumulatively they (the rallies) have done more harm than good for the advocates and the organizers.”
 Keeley - “We had Sam Farr and Henry Mello in the legislature. Who knows how long they would have served”
 Allison Keeley - “I see Erica earning significant playing time next year. She needs more experience in the back row, but she started all the spring (exhibitions) and she was effective. I think she'll be critical whether she starts or comes off the bench.”
 Keeley - “I think he was confounded that the case even went to trial, ... And he couldn't believe we were found guilty. He offered to appeal the case, but we just wanted the whole thing behind us.”
 John Keeley - “The message that would send is tantamount to a clarion call to this dangerous migration. The good men and women of the Coast Guard have enough on their plate.”
 Keeley - “We see what we need to work on. We're taking it one weekend at a time,”
 Allison Keeley - “We see what we need to work on. We're taking it one weekend at a time.”
 Keeley - “That's the difference between asking people about a big nameless faceless institution and someone they have a personal interaction with,”
 Keeley - “Not many people believe that the original sin was in Merced, ... but that is how Santa Cruz and Monterey County went from being the dog to being three tails of three different dogs.”
 Keeley - “We're getting to know our opposition, ... We're plenty physical. If we play smart, we'll be good.”
 John Keeley - “Public opinion appears to have galvanized and steeled overwhelmingly in support of enforcement of immigration laws and not for benefits for illegal aliens.”
 Keeley - “What is happening apparently is because of the prohibitive price of fuel, people are taking shorter trips, taking long weekends rather than two weeks at the ocean, ... But shorter trips, given the access we have here to large metropolitan areas, means folks are coming to visit us rather than travel to more remote vacation destinations.”
 John Keeley - “It is understandable that someone with longstanding concerns about immigration such as Feinstein would react to the shocking news about tunnels on the US border.”
 Keeley - “Their work is only as good as what the Legislature does with it, ... The Bureau of State Audits can't make anyone do anything.”
 Allison Keeley - “We're starting to connect more up front. We're figuring out when we can make the runs, and we're getting more confident in each other.”
 John Keeley - “The vast majority of Americans pay their taxes even though a small, tiny fraction of them will ever get audited. That's because the punishment for not paying your taxes is jail.”
 Keeley - “I listen to the radio,”
 John Keeley - “It's almost a policy of apartheid, in a sense, informal apartheid.”
 Keeley - “Unlike every other town, we don't have a plan for downtown so when state officials say we have to put something there, we do it,”
 Keeley - “The prior system rewarded patience and loyalty. The new system rewards creativity and initiative. Neither of those systems is all good or all bad. It simply changed the value system of what gets rewarded,”
 John Keeley - “We can take what is a crisis now and make it a manageable nuisance.”
 Keeley - “We're so proud of daddy, and what he's doing for our country,”
 Keeley - “She earned it. She was an offensive weapon, ... She was consistent the whole tournament.”
 Allison Keeley - “She earned it. She was an offensive weapon. She was consistent the whole tournament.”
 Keeley - “I don't mean this in some immodest way, but I'm probably on the short list for state senator, statewide office or Congress,”

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