My Favorite Quotes
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 Kim Keelor - “We will wait for a while to allow the new speed limit to work.”
 Kim Keelor - “So we had some people who were really caught in a mess. I-65, for quite a long stretch, was fairly disastrous.”
 Kim Keelor - “The construction is something that people adjusted to really quickly. There has been so much coverage. People are more interested about seeing what it will look like than how it will affect their commutes.”
 Kim Keelor - “Specifically in the (long-range plan) we will accelerate improvements in key corridors that form the backbone of the state's transportation system, which will lead to economic development through greater mobility.”
 Kim Keelor - “Upon first glance, the cost involved would be exorbitant and would be something the state could not afford. (If) the MPO came up with a creative way to source the funding then it could become a possibility. But the state could never afford this.”
 Kim Keelor - “They expect to begin working in early April.”