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 Bud Keene - “We set some high goals. We wanted to sweep everything. We came really close. If Kelly had landed on her feet on that last run we would have swept.”
 Bud Keene - “I'm not surprised both of these guys were up on the podium, and Mason was in fourth. We had hoped to sweep the podium, I won't lie. We ended up with first, second and fourth, and that's still pretty darn good. I'm really psyched.”
 David Keene - “Bush's compassionate conservatism has morphed into big government conservatism, and that isn't what the base is looking for. The White House and the congressional leadership have got to reinvigorate the Republican base. In off-year elections ... if your base isn't energized, particularly in a relatively evenly divided electorate, you've got more problems than you think you have.”
 Dennis Keene - “I think the governor's finally admitted guilt, and he's hoping to move on,”
 Bud Keene - “Kelly really pushed the limits of women's riding by going huge and super technical.”
 David Keene - “The one big strategic error - which was a political error and an economic error of grand proportions - was the prescription drug bill.”
 David Keene - “I do think that a lot of Americans are saying that in pursuing his perfectly legitimate mission to protect us from terrorism, is the president forgetting some of the safeguards that we would hope he would not forget.”
 Zach Keene - “I thought we hunkered down and came out and played a lot better in the second half. We've just got to come out ready to play sooner than four minutes into the first quarter. That's just killing us right now.”
 Zach Keene - “It got pretty sloppy there at the end, but I thought our girls held on and did a great job.”
 Zach Keene - “We're going in (at halftime) with our heads up and excited, while Macomb was kind of down a little bit. We wanted to come out with that momentum in the second half and I thought we did that.”
 Zach Keene - “We're focused, but yet we're still enjoying the moment. No matter how many times you've been there, it's still something special.”
 David Keene - “I think the president has created political trouble for himself. She may turn out to be a great judge ... but my own reaction to it is that it is not my fight, and I think that's the way that most conservatives feel about it.”
 David Keene - “You can't do these things on a basis of trust. There have to be some sort of checks and balances. Lurking behind this is something nobody knows about.”
 Dennis Keene - “They would either have to say, 'I can't remember,' or, you know, they'd have to tell the truth,”
 David Keene - “We don't just look at a small piece of the SOA stack. We've integrated all these technologies to work together as part of a platform.”
 Bud Keene - “Shaun's been a notch above the field for sure. He's been a notch above all the rest of the riders in the world.”
 Bud Keene - “Lindsey is remarkable in this day and age. To compete in any two disciplines, particularly two so different in that one is a freestyle event and one is a racing event, it really is remarkable that she's able to ride at a world-class level in both.”
 Anne Keene - “We've accelerated the time structure. The students are responding very well to the new system, and they like writing.”
 Anne Keene - “The test can be given between March 1 and the 28. The only one date that is required is the direct assessment of writing on March 7. Every student in Connecticut must have the direct assessment of writing within that window.”
 David Keene - “If someone within your family is doing something that's certainly wrong, if not illegal, you have a duty to say, That's not us. That's what people are saying.”
 David Keene - “Big government conservatism is an oxymoron. In 1965 Lyndon Johnson built public housing. Now it looks like we will build trailer parks. This will be defining, in the sense that the neo-cons will end up saying government can do this. The real hero of these people is FDR. I don't happen to believe any of this will work. You can't rebuild New Orleans society.”
 Bud Keene - “I hope this wakes up the people who don't understand what this is all about. This is going to be on prime time in the U.S., so we'll see what the results are. I have a feeling it's going to influence a lot of people.”
 Bud Keene - “This was planned all along. I've been married 20 years and have two sons ages 14 and 9. So when this opportunity came my way we had a big family meeting. I said that I'd give it four years, no matter what the outcome, and then come back home.”
 Zach Keene - “We were flat. I think nerves had a lot to do with it. This was a big game for us. ... No matter how many times these girls have been here before, it's nerve-wracking. We came out a little hesitant, a little shaky. But I thought we overcame that and did a great job.”
 Cody Keene - “I like having a tough district because it brings the competitive nature out in these guys and that is a great thing.”

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