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 Bud Keene - “The rescheduling threw us all off. Everyone was a bit groggy this morning, but the riding was unbelievable. Gretchen rode as well as I've seen all year, throwing with grace and precision. This Grand Prix season has really pushed every U.S. rider. It's absolutely been the best riding I've seen in any contest.”
 Zach Keene - “We came out a little timid, a little tentative. But (against Flanagan) we came out and told (the girls) to relax, have fun and put up your shots. If you miss 12 in a row, put up another one.”
 Zach Keene - “A lot of people didn't think we'd get here. But we believed from day one that we could get here. ... We did make the top (title) game like we wanted to, but I'm so proud that we did bring home a third place trophy. There's only two teams that finish out with a win and we're one of them.”
 Zach Keene - “We didn't feel like we could get a whole lot of steals, but we wanted to force the issue and try to make conditioning a factor.”
 Bud Keene - “I'll maintain my connection to U.S. Snowboarding and a lot of those riders, but I'm happy to be home. Now I can make a better connection with my family.”
 Bud Keene - “They did salad different over there. I just needed a good homemade salad. I love salad.”
 Bud Keene - “It's easy for me to establish an immediate rapport with riders I can hop in the pipe and ride, I've been there before. I do it for the same reason they do the love of the sport. My goals are the same as theirs. I want for them what they want for themselves and that's the best that they can do.”
 David Keene - “If they want the conservatives to play on their team, they have to treat them like members of the team rather than outsiders.”
 David Keene - “Most conservatives have been historically strong defense people, but have been reluctant to embrace the idea that America can dictate the form of government to other states and other peoples.”
 Zach Keene - “We were focused. We came out with a mission that we wanted to take their crowd out of the game - make them a non-factor.”
 David Keene - “It is the most politically volatile issue out there. What Bush has done is not really change the program. He's always had border control in it. But now he has put border security first, rather than as an afterthought. And I think that makes it more salable.”
 David Keene - “George Bush is a conservative and most conservatives like him and support him. But most conservatives, at one level or another, are troubled by much of what they see going on in our government.”
 David Keene - “If he (Bush) comes up with a winnable conservative nominee, even if that person faces a fight in Congress, he will have drawn his people back to him.”
 David Keene - “No one would deny the government the power it needs to protect us all. But when that power poses a threat to the basic rights that make our nation unique, its exercise must be carefully monitored by Congress and the courts.”
 David Keene - “Conservatives throughout the United States are increasingly losing faith in the president and the Republican leadership in Congress to adequately prioritize and rein in overall federal spending, American taxpayers have witnessed the largest spending increase under any preceding president and Congress since the Great Depression.”
 David Keene - “I've been astounded by Bush in his relationship with Republicans in Congress. In my lifetime, there has been no Republican president who has spent as much effort and as much time electing people of his own party to the Congress, or less time talking to them after they got there.”
 Zach Keene - “When we can step on the court, knowing that we've been here before, it's huge. The nerves are always going to be there, but you have that confidence of saying 'hey, we've been here before, we can do it again,' it helps out tremendously.”
 Cody Keene - “It was great for our kids to face great competition.”
 Cody Keene - “They are working hard to gain strength and this year should be good for these guys because we will face a lot of tough competition. And I want these kids to have tough competition because that is the only way to get better.”
 David Keene - “Both sides know the last election was just the beginning of the next election. It's clear there has been no attempt to have any kind of getting along.”
 Anne Keene - “We want to make children more comfortable with taking the test. We are focusing a lot more on the writing sample the third graders will have to do.”
 Dennis Keene - “The truth is that a very small number care very deeply about these issues, and they make for very good story lines on right-wing TV and radio. But in the end, an advertiser wants to to be seen as sticking to a set of values and not twisting in the wind.”
 David Keene - “You can think of our BAM technology as a real-time system for building operational dashboards to let you understand what's going on in your business processes.”
 David Keene - “The flow of blood has been stanched.”
 Zach Keene - “We got a lot out of this tournament. We got a look at some teams we'll see down the road. We got to play some great basketball teams that we normally don't get to see that are state-ranked.”

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