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 Zach Keene - “We weren't ready to play at the start. I've got to give a lot of credit to North Fulton. They're an outstanding ball club and they're well-coached. They're a good basketball team.”
 Zach Keene - “I've got to give credit to coach (Jim) Cole and the West Central Heat. It's tough to be a first-year consolidation and make it as far as they did. They went through state-ranked teams and played some great basketball to get to this point.”
 Zach Keene - “Once we got relaxed a little bit, we started playing our style of up-tempo basketball. Shots started to fall and it gave us some confidence.”
 David Keene - “Their argument is extremely dangerous in the long term because it can be used to justify all kinds of things that I'm sure neither the president nor the attorney general has thought about. ...The American system was set up on the assumption that you can't rely on the good will of people with power.”
 David Keene - “We don't want this argument to be obscured by those who would suggest that anyone who is for more and more government power is somehow on the side of the right, and those who are against it or are skeptical of such grants are on the side of the wrong. This is an important question of all Americans on the left, the right or in the middle.”
 David Keene - “There would be anger in the Republican base and among conservatives because they would think that the leadership, looking at polls or making a deal, had short-circuited a process that they take very seriously.”
 David Keene - “They like Bush. But they are frustrated and disappointed with some things the administration has done. And the frustration is deep because government spending and growth of government are at the core of beliefs of many people here.”
 David Keene - “The activist left is running this like their Spanish Civil War, dusting off all their weapons, seeing what works, taking the measure of the new administration, taking the measure of the Democrats in the Senate. . . . And what we are trying to do is see that they get the message very quickly that they are not running on a clear field. I think they are warming up for the Supreme Court, so it becomes very necessary to resist them for that reason.”
 David Keene - “From now on, this administration will find it difficult to muster support on the right without explaining why it should be forthcoming. The days of the blank check have ended.”

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