My Favorite Quotes
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 Makeda Kefale - “I felt that it was more contained ... and I didn't see as many people that I felt were out of control as I've seen in previous years.”
 Makeda Kefale - “There is an attitude that it's this no-holds-barred, test-your-limits situation. Unfortunately, this culture has arisen around it to create a problem.”
 Makeda Kefale - “We pushed for earlier and unannounced bag checks because we realized that the amount of alcohol smuggled into the Quad certainly contributes to the problems in the Quad.”
 Makeda Kefale - “The administration recognizes that alcohol is readily available on college campuses. The Quad is a very convenient place for people to go indoors and party ... without people knowing about it.”
 Makeda Kefale - “Students are responsible enough to show the administration that they can enjoy Fling without going too far.”