My Favorite Quotes
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 Brett Keisel - “Every ship has an anchor to hold it in place, and Casey is the anchor of our defensive line. Everything comes from him, he is the center of everything. If he gets beat, everything seems to slip around him. We all thought he got snubbed when he was named an alternate because we felt he should have been there, so this is a great thing for him.”
 Brett Keisel - “Bring 'em on, I can't wait. I like playing against Cincinnati. I think we have something to prove.”
 Brett Keisel - “It's big when you don't have pressure coming and you're able to make something happen like that. It's an advantage to our team and it was fun doing it.”
 Brett Keisel - “I probably know about half of it, ... They would probably ask me what I know real well and what I have questions about, and then, they'd put a big check in the game plan and say 'Don't run this, if he's in there.'”
 Brett Keisel - “I am. We know we can go into Cincinnati and win. We've done it before and I think we have a little chip on our shoulder. They came in here and stole one from us.”
 Brett Keisel - “People have come out of the woodwork. It wasn't surprising. People that you knew in college and high school that think they had some sort of impact on your life call you up and say, 'It's me, remember what I did for you, can you get me tickets' You just have to take care of your family and cut it off.”
 Brett Keisel - “It's magic. You just have to pet it, take care of it. You trim the mustache so it doesn't hang on your lip. Then you just make sure you stroke it and keep it nice.”
 Brett Keisel - “I started growing my beard out, and I think they all got jealous. They're all now trying to outmatch me.”