My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerry Kelbley - “What we did last year puts a target on us. We're not going to surprise anybody this year. They know our history. We just have to not take it casually. We have to be ready for every game.”
 Jerry Kelbley - “She was perfect against a very tough team. You never expect a perfect game. She flirts with that almost every time out. So far, she's a tremendous strikeout pitcher, and with that you don't have many base runners.”
 Jerry Kelbley - “Oh, we haven't played North for a while due to weather and a coaching change. We just couldn't get a game.”
 Jerry Kelbley - “I'm excited about it. Even when it was just the two schools (North and South), it was something we all looked forward to. Everyone gets excited about it. I just hope we have good weather and a good day this time.”
 Jerry Kelbley - “She had a great year last year. She was all-state, all-district and all-conference. She did a wonderful job for us and has great leadership abilities.”
 Jerry Kelbley - “We're going to be busy with games, that's for sure. It will be good because the kids will be together.”