My Favorite Quotes
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 Ron Kelder - “I think this is a game we could have grown up a lot from. If we believe in each other and work our tails off in the next eight games, I think we can be an unbelievable team come playoff time.”
 Ron Kelder - “We took some major steps backward today. If we are to start stepping forward, there has to be some soul searching.”
 Nico Kelder - “Of this projected deficit, 21 billion rand originates from the poor performance of the trade account.”
 Nico Kelder - “A weaker currency combined with the continued expansion of the world economy could support South African manufacturers to become more competitive on the international market.”
 Nico Kelder - “That's a good number. It shows that manufacturing is recovering and it bodes well for the economy that the sector is recording decent rates of growth despite the strong currency.”
 Thijs Berkelder - “As always, the outlook statement, however, is conservative.”
 Thijs Berkelder - “This doesn't come as a big surprise to me, as the company has said the Indian market is one of its focus points.”
 Thijs Berkelder - “If the shares drop to 7 euros the company could be ripe for a takeover, and that is probably for the best.”
 Thijs Berkelder - “The logistics business was the problem child in the company and express is the pearl.”
 Ron Kelder - “We found ourselves in the city on a basketball court.”
 Nico Kelder - “The steady increase in the international liquidity position indicates that the Bank is not just buying foreign exchange as quickly as it can, but also that at the same time it continues to be mindful of its responsibility not to upset the markets in their quest to accumulate foreign exchange.”
 Ron Kelder - “We found a way to get out of there with a W and get on to the next game. We were ahead by 17 points a minute into the second half and had 12 straight fouls called against us.”