My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Kellogg - “The only real blemish in the quarter has been the royalty situation, which will improve over the rest of the year,”
 Frank B. Kellogg - “There are but few naval powers, but there are many land powers.”
 Frank B. Kellogg - “It is true not all has been accomplished that the earnest advocates would desire, but a start has been made.”
 Frank B. Kellogg - “I have often heard it said that the United States is isolated and is not interested in European affairs. I assure you that this is not the case.”
 Frank B. Kellogg - “I do not hesitate to say that the limitation on naval craft between the great naval powers was too high.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “You cannot work with men who won't work with you.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “Now when I came to go up to operations, I went down to this patient's room and got down on my knees at the foot of the bed and earnestly asked the Lord to help us and to help me.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “I don't want you to misunderstand me. You might get up and state what you believe to be Seventh-day Adventism, and I might not agree with everything you said.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “I believe the Sabbath I keep the Sabbath.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “I believe that the end of things man-made cannot be very far away - must be near at hand.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “Brother Jones is not my product, and I am not responsible for anything he writes or says.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “A dead cow or sheep lying in a pasture is recognized as carrion. The same sort of a carcass dressed and hung up in a butcher's stall passes as food.”
 Paul Kellogg - “although nothing can be confirmed or discussed specifically at this point, I would say that our finally getting a new theater is more likely than not.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “Because I never thought the Lord would treat me any different from any other honest man or that I had an official position that compelled the Lord to help me in any other way than He would help any other man.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “Then, after I came home from Europe, I found I was under condemnation and I was condemned at that time because I did not endorse the financial policy of the General Conference.”
 Frank B. Kellogg - “To be sure, in some instances these proceedings have been unconstitutional, but we must remember that it is not the first time since a war that there have been changes in governments by such methods.”
 Frank B. Kellogg - “France and Italy have not yet signed this treaty or agreed to naval limitation as between those nations, but I have confidence that in time they will do so.”
 Frank B. Kellogg - “There will always be disputes between nations which, at times, will inflame the public and threaten conflicts, but the main thing is to educate the people of the world to be ever mindful that there are better means of settling such disputes than by war.”
 Frank B. Kellogg - “The fact that so many of your people are today residents and citizens of the United States, lending their influence to our civic and economic life, which has meant so much to our development.”
 Peter Kellogg - “We intend to be aggressive in developing the pipeline. The actions we're taking today will build us over the next decade.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “Do you know, that is the root of the whole trouble - has been one of the roots at any rate - is people hearing things and then imagining some more and magnifying it and multiplying it.”
 Clark Kellogg - “I always talk to kids. Sometimes hearing it from a different voice helps. I told him, you need to be on the floor and a force on the glass.”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “Is God a man with two arms and legs like me Does He have eyes, a head Does He have bowels Well I do, and that makes me more wonderful than He is”
 John Harvey Kellogg - “I believe just what I have believed for the last forty years, and I am standing by everything I have stood by. I have not changed.”
 John Kellogg - “When we brought David Valentine in three years ago as a classroom teacher, I knew we had found a top-notch Renaissance guy.”

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