My Favorite Quotes
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 William Kelso - “There was a lot of activity here. And it wasn't just a settlement of rich gentlemen who were lazy and didn't work and didn't know how to exist in the wilderness.”
 William Kelso - “We thought they were exaggerating before we saw the evidence in the ground, ... But - clearly - they were living on the edge. No wonder there were so many deaths.”
 Ken Kelso - “I've been waiting to win this race for a long time.”
 Dan Kelso - “I thought it was important that passed. Without that, we would have been in trouble as a town.”
 William Kelso - “But there it is. You can see the foundations of the buildings he saw. And when he was writing in 1611, things at Jamestown looked pretty good.”
 Dan Kelso - “Luckily, he had a very alert neighbor who was able to get a license plate number off of the vehicle.”
 Ken Kelso - “He had an off year after we turned the money down and I was sure we'd done the wrong thing.”
 William Kelso - “We're not just looking for archaeological features here. We're not just looking for artifacts. We're really trying to communicate with the way that these people thought and lived,”
 Dan Kelso - “They know where they bank. They know their name, They know what they drive. They know everything about this person. They show up and they flash badges, saying that they're either the FBI or they sometimes pose as police officers.”
 William Kelso - “What we've found is a whole new pattern of change that we hadn't thought of before. They changed their attitude toward the colony over time - and they really adapted to the reality they found in Virginia.”