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 Chris Kempf - “It was good to get a game in. It's tough to keep practices as intense as games.”
 Chris Kempf - “Looking at these last three games, I would like to see us win at least two if not three. They're winnable games for us. We beat Phillips already.”
 Chris Kempf - “Alex did a good job of opening up the inside. She hit a couple of big 3s to give us some breathing room.”
 Edward Kempf - “I think we're probably almost there -- it is going to be increasingly unjustified to short gold any more because prices are really, really low right now.”
 Chris Kempf - “She does all the little things for us that need to get done. I think her ankle was a factor in some of the shots she took (Friday). As every day goes by, she'll get to practice more and more and get a little stronger. With (WIAA) playoffs rolling around, we hope to get her close to 100 percent.”
 Chris Kempf - “I thought the girls played hard. I feel bad for them because I know how hard they work and how bad they want it. Lakeland worked a little harder than we did.”
 Chris Kempf - “She had to do a lot for us. Most of the time she was guarding a player on the defensive end who was three or four inches taller than her. Her endurance was nothing but incredible. There weren't many games when she sat out for very long. She played a lot of minutes for us.”
 Chris Kempf - “We did a lot of things well and bounced back from some tough losses. We need to carry that over to Denfeld and the second time through the conference. We're playing for a home game in the playoffs.”
 Chris Kempf - “She's the best player we've faced so far. It's pretty scary to think she's only a sophomore. She works hard at it, too. She's playing all the time.”
 Ted Kempf - “The weakness in Asian currencies is dampening demand for gold in the region that is traditionally the biggest consumer of gold. Equities may need to fall much further before investors in the developed world start diversifying into gold.”
 Ted Kempf - “If it was a huge one, we would have seen it - they would have had to buy it through several houses. If you're going to sell a large position of gold, people would see you coming and that can hurt you.”
 Edward Kempf - “The word on the Street is that it's Russia. That is the drum everyone is beating, and in conjunction with the problems in Asia it's really unsettling a lot of people.”
 Ted Kempf - “There was no real news out there. This was mainly technical selling.”
 Chris Kempf - “Our clock management is where we need a little improvement. We had a nine-point lead in the third quarter, and we weren't being patient enough. We talked in the huddle that we wanted to be patient and work for a good shot not necessarily stalling. But there was no reason to take a 3-point shot or a jumper when you have that kind of cushion.”
 Chris Kempf - “The girls didn't quit, and I'm proud of them. They worked hard until the end. But we have to make the most of the opportunities given to us, especially against the good teams.”
 Chris Kempf - “They work hard. I feel if we play well and handle the pressure that I'm sure they're going to put on us, make easy baskets and knock down a couple of 3-pointers, I think we'll have a good chance at winning.”
 Chris Kempf - “These girls are recognized because they play more than one sport. These are three-sport athletes, and the coaches recognize their names. That's one thing that helped both of them. The coaches know how hard they work.”
 Ted Kempf - “There is no doubt that the market moved based on this rumor. The whole market is talking about this.”
 Chris Kempf - “We have to start playing more consistently with our offense and tighten up our defense more. We're keeping the scores down to where we're in the game, but offensively, we're not scoring enough.”
 Chris Kempf - “The start of the game was outstanding. We got the shots we were looking for, and we made the shots when we had them wide-open. You could see the confidence grow in the kids as we went through the quarter.”
 Chris Kempf - “I just feel the competition will be down a little bit. And, then of course, there's trying to fit in all the games.”
 Chris Kempf - “We made some adjustments at halftime that paid off for us. In the first half we were a little impatient and forced some things that weren't there. In the second half we took care of the ball and ran some time off the clock.”
 Chris Kempf - “We were down by seven, but our girls saved their best for last. Our girls created a lot of turnovers and converted them into points. We put the game away at the end by taking care of the basketball.”
 Chris Kempf - “There are a lot of good, young talented basketball players in this conference. Wolff, being a freshman, she plays like a junior. You can tell she plays a lot of basketball.”
 Chris Kempf - “It was a good game for us to be patient with the basketball. It gave us a chance to be patient on the offensive end, and the girls did a good job with that. We were able to get a big enough lead to do that.”

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