My Favorite Quotes
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 Tysen Kendig - “It wouldn't surprise me that it hadn't come up before, because we have had very little information on the issue.”
 Tysen Kendig - “That's a very popular program that's come a long way in a relatively short amount of time.”
 Dan Kendig - “When we came back out on floor, we had five gymnasts who took that time to rock and roll and that was fun to see. Then we went to vault and rocked there with five great vaults to seal the win.”
 Tysen Kendig - “It would be foolish to think that the university isn't looking for every possible way to cut back costs. We've identified more than 100 million over the past decade in internal cost-cutting measures.”
 Tysen Kendig - “He'll be reviewing happenings at the university over the past two months, since the last board meeting.”
 Tysen Kendig - “We have had cases of funds being stolen from the university in the past, but it certainly is a rare occasion.”
 Tysen Kendig - “The one bottom line here that I think people are missing is that it is university policy that you are not allowed on the field unless you are a participant. Everyone recognizes the thrill of the win and the excitement, but the police were trying to prevent a situation that could have resulted in injury and thousands of dollars of damage, and I think overall they did a good job in doing that.”
 Tysen Kendig - “It was really an unusual situation that university police were asked to handle. The police are well-trained and only use deterrents in necessary circumstances.”
 Tysen Kendig - “Those punitive provisions made little sense and would only have served to create bureaucratic obstacles and hinder the delivery of the highest-quality education possible.”
 Tysen Kendig - “We want to work collaboratively with the Worker Rights Consortium and the Fair Labor Association to make sure it is both practical and enforceable.”
 Tysen Kendig - “Clearly, we are sorry for the loss of this student and our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and friends.”
 Tysen Kendig - “Penn State strongly believes the conduct of the university in this matter was legitimate, non-discriminatory and non-retaliatory. And the facts do not substantiate the claims made in this lawsuit.”
 Tysen Kendig - “They thought this would be the best way to participate in community-service-oriented activities in King's memories. People weren't burdened with having to miss class time to participate in these activities.”
 Tysen Kendig - “The Constitution allows College Republicans and other student groups to hold expressive events, even ones that may be deemed offensive by some.”
 Tysen Kendig - “He essentially took a college that didn't exist and turned it into a model program.”
 Dan Kendig - “We were strong on all four events today. It's really exciting to be moving onto finals. Anybody in our session was capable of winning it or placing sixth. Halfway through the meet, it was very, very tight.”
 Tysen Kendig - “But helping a number of people contribute to their communities without the burden of missed class time is worth the trade-off.”
 Tysen Kendig - “It is important to offer a reminder about Penn State's aggressive track in monitoring labor conditions, as well as an opportunity to advise the campus community on how we evaluate and adopt any practical new policies.”
 Tysen Kendig - “The university fully supports the right to free speech on campus and has never taken any action to abridge or circumvent that right.”