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 Alexis Kendrick - “They did a good job of sagging in on (Humphrey) in the first half, and that made it difficult to pass it in to her. Then we hit some shots and that really opened it up for her.”
 Geoff Kendrick - “The risks are now skewed to the upside (on U.S. interest rates). 4.75 may be a done deal (in March) and depending on how the data goes, 5 percent may become a done deal as well.”
 Bob Kendrick - “It's been one of the biggest things that this museum has ever done. Most people with some kind of knowledge of the Negro Leagues thought it was some kind of vagabond league, and it turns into some kind of grandiose story.”
 Jacobe Kendrick - “Having me at fullback, you kind of have that we-can-score-at-any- time mentality. When I get the ball, I can score from maybe 40, 50 and maybe 60 yards out, and that's definitely a threat we haven't had in the past.”
 Charlie Kendrick - “The difference today was obviously finishing. We put the ball into the back of the net and that makes it very difficult for a team to mount a comeback. It was a well-balanced game and lots of kids making an impact. That is a nice thing. It is nice to see.”
 Mike Kendrick - “The situation is that the higher you go, the more fuel is used. So usually you trade speed for fuel. We are not that concerned at the moment, but we are just driving it very hard. It is a very dangerous place and we are not taking any chances.”
 Josh Kendrick - “It will be nice to have your own locker rooms and not have to travel.”
 Charlie Kendrick - “Traveling comes with its positives and its negatives. I think we are more focused when we travel. It allows the girls to get away from their everyday lives.”
 Geoff Kendrick - “Fundamentally the kiwi dollar is in a lot of trouble and when you get comments like that, it just sparks people's interest again.”
 Mike Kendrick - “We were beset with all sorts of problems that were all political. But in the end it was the weather that brought us down. It's a very, very difficult thing to circumnavigate the globe. Otherwise someone else would have done it by now.”
 Mike Kendrick - “We just got word that Virgin Airlines (which Branson owns) was awarded a commercial route into Shanghai. So the balloon must be doing some good.”
 Geoff Kendrick - “All the market is doing at the moment is trying to work out when the Fed is going to finish on rates.”
 Jacobe Kendrick - “Of course I've noticed it, but it doesn't bother me at all. I don't think there's any racial tension. I'm from West Texas, so I've seen that before. That's never crossed my mind. It's worse back home than it is here.”
 Ken Kendrick - “I'm a big believer that the manager ought to have his own people, because in the end, everybody looks to him. Whether success comes or doesn't come, it will be his responsibility, and that's why I feel he deserves to have the people he wants.”
 Geoff Kendrick - “If the market is now 250,000 (on payrolls) and people are talking even higher and that's what comes in, then there may be no reaction. Markets do focus on this one number far too heavily however and they will jump in either direction if the number comes in outside of expectations.”
 Mike Kendrick - “In the end, a weather problem is what stopped us, but that is the nature of ballooning.”
 Josh Kendrick - “They left it all for this program and left a lot for other kids to model.”
 Jacobe Kendrick - “It's kind of funny, the defense doesn't know who has the ball. We watch films and I'll be getting tackled and (quarterback) Shaun (Carney) will be running around the end and nobody will touch him. Or everybody will be running after Shaun and I'll be running up the middle and not get touched.”
 Alexis Kendrick - “We're getting better every game, and it's just a matter of time before we do win a big game like Tennessee or LSU.”
 Josh Kendrick - “We've just got to make better plays at the end, and we've got to defend better in the future.”
 Ken Kendrick - “Our concept, just like last year, was we would hold some money back and hope that there would come a time at midseason where a player might be available. And we'd be in a position where another player would make a difference and we'd have the money to spend if we saw a player we wanted.”
 Ken Kendrick - “If we can't make a deal that benefits us for 2005, then Randy will pitch for us next year.”
 Charlie Kendrick - “I'm sure the kids read the papers and notice the pressure of what we're expected to do. But day by day, we have to make sure our training habits are right, our attitudes are right and we respect every opponent we play.”
 Ken Kendrick - “I know theres the attitude that these guys have been around a long time and eventually theyll perform the way they previously performed, but that hasnt happened with some of these guys, and when thats the case, you ought to be more willing to take risks and make changes.”
 Mike Kendrick - “We needed a bit of luck.”

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