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 Edward Kennedy - “we want to look to the future.”
 Edward Kennedy - “Otis has a new lease on life. The revised report means the base will continue, but with new missions that will give it a strong future role in protecting the security of the Commonwealth and the region.”
 Andy Kennedy - “It's very uncharacteristic of our team, coming into tonight, our last three games we've turned it over in single digits. Our guys just did not handle it well and then one thing led to another. One thing that our team cannot survive is compounding mistakes.”
 Scott Kennedy - “I think what's hurt them more than anything was losing three games at the end and not showing the usual dominance that Florida State showed.”
 Andy Kennedy - “I don't know whether to laugh, to cry, to scream, or ... I don't know what to do. They've got me paralyzed a little bit. I do know this The games keep coming.”
 David Kennedy - “We've been getting in the habit of expecting to lose the third game. We need to start putting teams away and in three after winning the first two games.”
 Pat Kennedy - “I'm going to work with the people here and see if we can get back here for some more games. Our kids aren't used to something like this.”
 Edward Kennedy - “Come out of the rose garden.”
 Thaddeus Kennedy - “I don't know how six adults can run out of a building and leave a little girl. That's unconscionable.”
 Thaddeus Kennedy - “She wasn't burned. But when we handed her over to EMS, she was pretty lifeless. Me personally, I don't know how six adults can run out of a building and leave a little girl. That's unconscionable.”
 George Kennedy - “Our third day was the best one for us, and should give us momentum for next year.”
 Tom Kennedy - “Outlook Stang returns four starters from last year's successful team, and is looking poised for a run at an Eastern Athletic Conference championship. Meunier, Elder, and Zychowicz will lead the team, and give Kennedy flexibility at the top of the lineup. Three sophomores and five seniors may also be in the mix for Stang. Everyone's striking the ball really well, ... We have a real solid team. Everyone has improved since last year.”
 Andy Kennedy - “Emotionally I have never felt so complex in my life. I don't know whether to laugh or cry or scream. I don't know what to do. It's got me paralyzed a little bit. But I do know this The games keep coming. You can't give up. We're not going to give up.”
 Edward Kennedy - “We don't intend to give up or give in.”
 Terry Kennedy - “To only give up one run in 18 innings to those guys is really saying something.”
 Andy Kennedy - “Realistically, we're going to have to continue to circle the wagons. That's been the mantra this year. We've still got guys we feel like can contribute and help us reach our goals.”
 Brian Kennedy - “It was totally awesome. This was even better this year than last. Its fun to work as part of a team to achieve our goals. It really tested my skills.”
 Kameron Kennedy - “It was a huge boost for the kids to hear Jay talk and I could tell they were really listening to what he had to say. He showed them his gold medal and it gave the team a lot of inspiration going into Saturday's preliminaries.”
 Tim Kennedy - “I have nothing against a mall, but it's just a place. Why do they have to take away this golf course They (were considering) messing with the quality of life. That just doesn't seem right.”
 Nigel Kennedy - “No, I'm not leaving the electric violin to Vanessa Mae. I'm still playing quite a lot of electric stuff. But only when there is a need for it. I like rocking out. And the electric violin is useful for many other things. It's useful for really good effects and it's also great for rocking out, with the drums and the bass, get into really heavy stuff. At the moment I'm not really doing any projects involving that thing.”
 Scott Kennedy - “I think they are real good with A.J. Jones. I don't think there are too many spots left open, and I would expect one of those spots to be filled by A.J. Jones. I think they will have definitely fulfilled their needs at the linebacker position come signing day.”
 Andy Kennedy - “Xavier is a very good team and Sean has done a great job, but tonight, I think we proved we are a good team, too. Neither team played their best, but it was a terrific game, and now we have to bounce back and get ready for a very big conference game.”
 Andy Kennedy - “He's been playing exceptionally well. In the LSU game, he was the guy they went to down the stretch, so we know he's good. But we tried to pick our poison a little bit. This is a team with a Hall of Fame coach and a lot of good players.”
 Andy Kennedy - “We limited his touches, we kept him to 15. He's a remarkable scorer. He changes the way you coach a game because he's so good.”
 Joe Kennedy - “Four innings were good, one inning was bad, one inning was ... whatever,”

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