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 Stephen Kenny - “One of the most pleasing aspects has been the amount of goals we get in the last 10 minutes of games,”
 Chris Kenny - “That was extremely emotional. I do think it will carry over. We have a three-game winning streak coming into this. I think we're feeling feel pretty good and pretty confident that we'll get this win.”
 Paul Kenny - “We held their offense to one touchdown in the first half. Things were looking good. In the second half, we lost our focus. We knew what we had to do to stop them and we would have stuck with them if we were focused in the second half.”
 Stephen Kenny - “This is merely a blip. We had a lot of chances in the game and their keeper made some good saves.”
 Tom Kenny - “I guess the good improvement in current account comes about on the back of a very strong rise in bulk commodity contracts.”
 Stephen Kenny - “The government has only just been to visit him.”
 Paul Kenny - “The GMB has welcomed news of tomorrow's increase in the minimum wage to more than 5 an hour for adult workers. The increase comes after the government accepted the recommendations of a report from the low pay commission. Further increases could take place after another report by the commission next year. We welcome the increase in the national minimum wage to 5.05 an hour and we look forward to the new rate of 5.30 next year, ... This will be of great benefit to many of Britain's low-paid workers and is one of the major achievements of the Labour government.”
 Chris Kenny - “It's another group attacking the Howard government. What's new”
 Robert Kenny - “Our priority is to protect the public health, and increase the awareness of the potential health risks associated with this practice.”
 Rob Kenny - “A mechanism is in place to identify and treat individuals who have TB. It is a very important public health issue.”
 Rob Kenny - “We certainly take these reports seriously and will review the data to determine if there are areas where the (Health Department) can further strengthen its surveillance initiatives.”
 Chris Kenny - “But now looking back on it, it was disrespectful. I hope they don't take it as that.”
 Chris Kenny - “It just felt like whenever we stayed in a hotel we became road warriors. It seemed like we bonded better and got more focused.”
 Chris Kenny - “It's not exactly what you want to eat before practice, but we figured we'd do that, then practice, then go back to the hotel.”
 Tom Kenny - “Weaker consumer spending backs the case for interest rates on hold.”
 Colin Kenny - “This is late in the day and the announcement is not that this system is in place,”
 Tom Kenny - “You have to remember we're just performers, that we seldom have any kind of grasp on real life.”
 Chris Kenny - “We didn't know what to expect, then we had a big win against Southern Illinois (in the Great Alaska Shootout) and I thought it wouldn't affect us. Then we went into a tailspin and went to Lehigh and they smacked us. We were really down, and practice intensity was dropping with all the losses. Fortunately, we were able to turn it around.”
 Rob Kenny - “At this time we cannot comment on any political speculation.”
 James Kenny - “A good time for a fresh start.”
 Chris Kenny - “Whenever I hit big shots, it's because John dominated down low and freed it up for me. They're so focused on him, so when he kicked out I had a little time, squared my shoulders, and got the ball to fall.”
 Chris Kenny - “It's always a little tougher to shoot in a big-time arena just because we're not used to it.”
 Paul Kenny - “We moved the ball, we just imploded when we got around the end zone. When they play as a group, they are a very good team. Unfortunately, there were times when we had individual breakdowns that hurt the whole team.”
 Peter Kenny - “I don't think what we saw today Wednesday has any kind of legs in the long term. Although I do think you've seen the worst of the market.”
 Peter Kenny - “The numbers in the market are atrocious, given that you had a cut by the Fed today . It's very emotional to see these catastrophic events happening not far away.”

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