My Favorite Quotes
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 Larry Kenswil - “We're probably neutral on net neutrality right now.”
 Larry Kenswil - “In the U.S. there's been fantastic gift card download sales. Towards the middle of last year we were wondering if the digital revolution was over. But after the holiday season sales really picked up as a result of gift cards.”
 Larry Kenswil - “For the first time we have now a method of how consumers will be able to buy music and experience it online.”
 Larry Kenswil - “The tobacco company can kill us. The package food companies can clog our arteries. The oil companies can provoke wars. But, apparently, there's no industry more despicable than the music industry. We are hated just because we refuse to acknowledge the public's God-given rights to steal music.”
 Larry Kenswil - “We are delighted to partner with Music Choice whose broadband service is strengthening the connection between artists and fans. Universal Music is committed to cultivating online entertainment by offering our consumers even more ways to enjoy the musical experience.”
 Larry Kenswil - “We intend to build a business around it, and we are building a business around it.”
 Larry Kenswil - “We're very happy with our results right now with downloads. We're way ahead of where we projected.”