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 Ernie Kent - “It ended on an up note because of how we played in the tournament. However, when you look back at the season on a whole a lot of games that could have been won that we let get away, that could have gotten us into the (NCAA) tournament.”
 Ernie Kent - “But from the perspective of a dad, I soul-searched and said to myself, here was someone who's very gifted and wants to try something.”
 Terry Kent - “The federation needed something good, something like this to happen. After all that's happened the last six weeks, it's such a relief to see them go out and be successful.”
 Ernie Kent - “Bounce back. I can't say enough about them hanging in there and fighting through so much. They're starting to come now.”
 Steve Kent - “Recently a major Las Vegas condo development project, Icon, was shelved and others are reportedly seeing demand trail off. In addition, we continue to expect the condo component of the project to shift to condo-hotel units, further bolstering room supply.”
 Ernie Kent - “When you don't keep a team that's that aggressive off the boards, it's going to hurt you.”
 Claire Kent - “In terms of the full year, the cut is not as bad as it looks at first sight as it is being driven by lower interest income.”
 Steve Kent - “A year ago, the industry came out aggressive with pricing to the farmers. I think the farmers responded by planting more acres.”
 Steven Kent - “These days it seems hotels can charge almost whatever they want for a room. The industry has become an oligopoly, and all the major players are doing well.”
 Linda Kent - “We're still faxing the forms and we're still getting information,”
 Ernie Kent - “I just don't feel that he ever got back on track after the injury.”
 Ernie Kent - “It's been pretty amazing how it's all fallen into place. He's a great get for us this late.”
 Bruce Kent - “In this awful mess of Baghdad thank God there is one bright light anyway.”
 Heather Kent - “It has to be fun. Whimsy and wonder are important. Keeping things light makes it easier for people to look at them.”
 Cal Kent - “Many retailers require a significant amount of square footage, yet we have a fee that says you pay more if you own more square footage. It's just one of the many reasons why bigger retailers will set up shop in Barboursville or right outside city limits.”
 Bruce Kent - “Some people are genetically programmed to be difficult.”
 Bruce Kent - “I want to be optimistic because I don't think man is intrinsically violent.”
 Corita Kent - “Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.”
 Ernie Kent - “He's had two back-to-back phenomenal games, to score like that and with no turnovers. I thought he was great.”
 Ernie Kent - “I thought defense was certainly a big key in the game. We had some big stops down the stretch. The whole key was to keep Nick Young between 10 and 14 points. We did a good job of containing a great player.”
 Ernie Kent - “I thought we competed very well, but it's unfortunate that we had a bad offensive night.”
 Ernie Kent - “We probably won't win a ton of games with (Hairston) 6-for-18 and Aaron 2-for-12. It's unfortunate the ball didn't go down. I thought we had some great looks at it.”
 Ernie Kent - “If you look at his face and his demeanor, he looks 24 or 25. Then you remember he is only 18. There will be a time when he takes over an entire game, but he is not quite there yet.”
 Ernie Kent - “We've got to do a better job of defending them. We've made some adjustments defensively this time around. ... I'm hoping we'll do a better job of keeping them from getting so many great looks.”
 Linda Kent - “There's always this sly grin underneath. He's willing to poke fun, to puncture pomposity at any time.”

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