My Favorite Quotes
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 Kostas Kenteris - “I feel that I have done nothing wrong and I feel that many people have come out and accused me in public ... I feel disgusted for what they said about me,”
 Kostas Kenteris - “When I heard all these people -- the thousands of people -- shout my name, it was the most beautiful thing that I have heard in recent years,”
 Kostas Kenteris - “Yesterday's expression of love gives me the strength and courage to fight in these difficult times in order to be present again in the stadiums,”
 Kostas Kenteris - “Unfortunately, this is a systematic attack against me that always happens five or 10 days before a big race, ... I'm just stating the facts.”
 Kostas Kenteris - “I will return to action as soon as they let me, ... I think everything will work out.”