My Favorite Quotes
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 Phil Keoghan - “I like to have fun with them. I like to toy with them a little bit. we're making television, after all. Right”
 Phil Keoghan - “People ask me what the most important thing to take on the race is, and I always say it's a sense of humor. If you've got nothing but a sense of humor, you will survive.”
 Phil Keoghan - “I really wish we could stay longer in the countries we visit, but I've been lucky to have visited most of them before, because I've done a tremendous amount of travel.”
 Phil Keoghan - “Just wait until you see a 9-year-old girl go screaming past a 40-year-old man with a big ego in a challenge.”
 Phil Keoghan - “You worry too much,”
 Phil Keoghan - “No Opportunity Wasted.”
 Phil Keoghan - “Forage requires luck, but can be accomplished quickly, ... Gorge is easy and a sure thing, but completing this task will take a very long time.”
 Phil Keoghan - “We tried something. I'm really proud that we tried something, because I think if we hadn't tried to change the race, people might have criticized us for not being adventurous and doing something different. I'm proud of what we managed to pull together, but there is no denying that the race is most successful when it has less faces, more places and teams of two racing around the world.”
 Phil Keoghan - “There's no denying the fact the race is most successful when it has less faces, more places, and where it is teams of two racing around the world.”
 Phil Keoghan - “It's the most number of miles we've done in that short an amount of time. People clearly wanted the international element. They missed it. The places are as much the stars of the show as the people themselves. That was illustrated when you look at season eight. People were missing that exotic element, the fish-out-of-water element. That is a huge hook.”
 Phil Keoghan - “With the reaction that we got from the family version, people clearly made a statement that they wanted that international element in the show. I think it showed that the places are as much stars in the show as the people themselves. People were missing that exotic element that fish-out-of-water element where people were completely and utterly dumbfounded as to what to do because of culture shock and language barriers. They missed that. And I think that is a huge hook for us.”
 Phil Keoghan - “For me, personally, I love to see the teams going to places we never get to see in mainstream media. . . . It's always a big eye-opener for these teams to go to someplace that is just very different from their local community. There's one location that we get to in the Middle East where the teams are immersed in a daily task that a lot of the local people have to go through. And it's great to see teams that are used to going down to the 7-Eleven suddenly having to cope with living life in a completely different way.”
 Phil Keoghan - “Some fans have pointed out that the teams appear to be covering less ground this season, which in previous seasons has had contestants travel 60,000 miles or more. I think in terms of the miles of the race, it might be less than the average, ... But it's not about how far they travel, it's about what they do.”
 Phil Keoghan - “What we are able to do is give the audience a different perspective on the world then what they are being fed though the news every night, the message of wars, riots, and that it's unsafe to leave America. We are putting a positive spin on the world.”
 Phil Keoghan - “I think if we would have put people that were extraordinary athletes, extraordinary travelers in this extraordinary situation would be a total disconnect with the audience. The fact that they are more ordinary, the fact that a lot of them are unfit and have never traveled, that's what makes the show work.”
 Phil Keoghan - “With any good story, you need the adversary, the heroes and villains. You need a good mixture to make it work.”
 Phil Keoghan - “It has a dramatic impact on the teams. It was definitely tougher on the teams than a lot of other seasons. That has to do with the fact that we got the message from viewers that they wanted an international flavor. They wanted more exotic locations, more adventure, push the people more.”