My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian Kerr - “Looking at the games individually and impartially, we've put out attacking teams and players in every match.”
 Brian Kerr - “To get through in tournaments you generally have to get points in your home games,”
 Steve Kerr - “Michael was so angry over what happened in Orlando. He was on a mission the next year. And that's something that no one else will have again. Michael personally won 10-12 games that season that we shouldn't have won.”
 Steve Kerr - “They've won some games but ... they're just beating up on bad teams, basically. It's not often that you all of a sudden see teams start beating good teams in the playoffs when they haven't done it all season. There is little reason to believe Miami can win the whole thing.”
 Kevin Kerr - “This makes the short side of the market very nervous and as we see gold drop we also see it turn and then move higher twice as fast.”
 Kevin Kerr - “Gold is exploding, and silver isn't far behind.”
 Cristie Kerr - “I'm really looking forward to this week rather than feeling pressure. I really know the course well. It's a good test of golf and has great scoring opportunities.”
 Cristie Kerr - “I've played well, but things haven't quite come together, ... I'm a little disappointed with the way I've played the last month and half, but that's golf.”
 Brian Kerr - “I don't do bust ups with the players, despite what journalists say, and I certainly don't do them with the players, ... I have a very good relationship with all the players, a very good professional relationship with Roy as with the rest of them.”
 Larry Kerr - “Their history has been the 'bone. They used one wide receiver, sometimes two. We've got to prepare for that. If they go to the spread, we'll have packages ready for that. It's a good test for us, but I think we have guys who are smart and can handle it.”
 Andrew Kerr - “We started out really good and were just pounding them, going straight down and having some quality passing, and intensity was high, and then we started to slack off, but then the last 15 to 20 minutes of the second half we started checking and working together.”
 Jarrod Kerr - “The downside surprise on economic growth was not large enough to alter the outlook significantly.”
 Jarrod Kerr - “The much-needed rotation in the sources of Australia's economic growth away from consumer spending and home building is well under way.”
 Robert Kerr - “I can't see any particular catalyst for the market going lower because there is the prospect of economic recovery, and improving expectations for economic growth in due course should feed through to improving expectations for earnings and should stop undermining apparently bad valuations.”
 Brian Kerr - “I'm totally focused on the job in hand,”
 Robbie Kerr - “It allows people not only to spend money on health items but also educational, (and) job training programs after they leave ... the Medicaid program.”
 Steve Kerr - “I remember Michael dribbling at the top of the key, ... Everybody knew to just get the hell out of his way.”
 Deborah Kerr - “I came over here (Hollywood) to act, but it turned out all I had to do was to be high-minded, long suffering, white-gloved and decorative”
 John Kerr - “It's something we are working on, to be honest. That is, to keep a focus throughout the 90 minutes and understanding that a mental lapse can happen to us.”
 Paul Kerr - “It's up to David (Butt, driver) now. It's quite amazing how well this horse has thrived over here. He couldn't possibly be any better for this race.”
 David Kerr - “Buyers are looking for a deal. It does not necessarily mean there are any deals out there. A well-priced house still sells at a premium even in a transitional market.”
 David Kerr - “You really need to look at making repairs that are profitable in terms of selling the house. They want to see that pedestal sink.”
 Andy Kerr - “Counting sage grouse and preparing paper plans is nice, but the way to protect the sage grouse is to conserve and improve the habitat, and the primary way to do that is to remove livestock.”
 Cristie Kerr - “I am in the role of trying to be a part of this team and not trying to stand out as an individual.”
 Jeffrey Kerr - “They are an industry hack,”

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