My Favorite Quotes
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 Zeus Kerravala - “What I think a lot of companies are looking for is a multipurpose LAN device like Cisco's ISR. This is a relatively small deal. It won't turn Nortel around, but it does give them a legitimate end-to-end WAN play.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “There's not a person out there who doesn't think about ways to improve the performance of the application. The technology approach is less important than the application specificity. It's important to say you improve Oracle or SAP 'this way' versus just generically solving all application problems.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “We characterize this trend as the 'growing operational gap' between the level of IT staffing and the requirements their companies are placing on their infrastructure, particularly their networks. A solution for bridging this operational gap is for networking vendors to develop more intelligent products and features that will help boost an IT manager's operational efficiency.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “What they're trying to do is to take IP communications to another level. Every vendor has the same vision, but they're all at different points to getting there.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “It's like driving on the interstate during rush hour. Nobody is moving that fast... If you're in a branch office and you need to access the data center, these people watching the game could actually create a situation where all traffic slows to a halt.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “I think enterprise is an area they need to shore up. They've had a lot of change there. And I don't know how you keep the train running when you've got churn throughout the organization like that.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “Interest in March Madness is much higher than other sporting events, especially by office workers who have betting pools everywhere.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “What IP does is remove the heavy infrastructure demands for call centers.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “The growing complexity coupled with heavy competition is placing significant pressure on network equipment manufacturers to quickly bring to market high quality systems. Test systems that are focused on improving the testing cycle and reducing time to market are critical for the success of system vendors.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “Over the last few years, Juniper Networks Inc. launched an enterprise router, 3Com Corp. launched a couple of routers, but there really isn't a clear No. 2 router vendor after Cisco. If you're going to pitch the end-to-end message, they had to do something.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “As the volume of mission critical traffic continues to grow, it is imperative for organizations of all sizes to improve the availability and security of their networks. Specialized managed and professional services that meet specific business challenges, will allow companies to keep pace with congestion in today's network environment.”
 Zeus Kerravala - “One of the goals here is unified communications. It's really removing a lot of latency in business communications.”