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 Bob Kerrey - “Dr. Rice, we only swatted a fly once on the 20th of August, 1998. We didn't swat any flies afterwards. How the hell could he be tired”
 Bob Kerrey - “The idea is to establish a program that doesn't provide a subsidy for those who don't need to be subsidized.”
 Bob Kerrey - “I would not say 'impossible,' ... But, boy, it feels awfully close to it.”
 Bob Kerrey - “If you just look at the surface of people playing games, you are missing the point, which is that games are all about managing and manipulating information.”
 Bob Kerrey - “I believe Bill Bradley's leadership ... is needed in the United States of America in the 21st century,”
 Bob Kerrey - “There is no force more liberating than the knowledge that you are fighting for others.”
 Bob Kerrey - “The problem is you tend to look back and identify mistakes, and as a consequence of feeling terrible about mistakes you say you bungled this so bad, let's get out of here.”
 Bob Kerrey - “If they win one more time -- if DOD wins one more time -- the next time there's a dust-up and there's a failure, don't call the director of Central Intelligence up here, kick the crap out of DOD,”
 Bob Kerrey - “Many of the things that are being said, if they are believed by the American people as the truth, will cast a pall of illegitimacy over the vice president if he ends up being the person that wins,”
 Bob Kerrey - “Bill has the vision to challenge America to greatness and the integrity to restore the nation's faith in our public institutions.”
 Bob Kerrey - “they're reckless, they're irresponsible and they're wrong.”
 Bob Kerrey - “Kerrey has said he feels guilty about what happened and unable to justify it militarily or morally. It may be that I did nothing wrong, ... But I felt like I did something wrong. Here's what happened, and I cannot justify it.”
 Bob Kerrey - “I love Gerhard, ... We've talked to one another over the past 32 years. He's never expressed anything of the kind to me over that period of time.”
 Bob Kerrey - “For the first 10 years (afterward), I just tried to figure out how to get healthy again.”
 Bob Kerrey - “We fired because we were fired upon, ... We did not go out on a mission to kill innocent people. I feel guilty about what happened.”
 Bob Kerrey - “We don't understand why a surveillance opportunity wasn't granted. If the Justice Department isn't at fault, then the process is at fault.”
 Bob Kerrey - “There's only a certain number of things we can do. I would have preferred to say in this instance to the Europeans, 'This is one you're going to have to do,'”
 Bob Kerrey - “A lot of students that come out of this program may not go to work for Electronic Arts. They may go to Wall Street. Because to me, there is no significant difference - except for clothing preference - between people who are making games and people who are manipulating huge database systems to try to figure out where the markets are headed. It's largely the same skill set, the critical thinking. Games are becoming a major part of our lives, and there is actually good news in that.”
 Bob Kerrey - “There are going to be in the short term terrifying, confusing moments (like) attacks on Iraqi police headquarters. The intent (by the opposition) is to produce destabilization, to cause people to say let's get out of here, they don't like us.... I don't think the U.S. is going to cut and run.”
 Bob Kerrey - “It's very important for Americans to put the size of this threat in perspective, ... Just as it is a terrible mistake to underestimate a threat, and I think we underestimated a threat of espionage by the Chinese all the way through the 1980s and the 1990s, it is also a big risk for us to overestimate the threat. This is not the worst case of espionage in the 20th century.”
 Bob Kerrey - “You're asking too much of me right now. ... I'm just trying to get a private memory, public.”
 Bob Kerrey - “We're 5 billion or 6 billion short of getting people trained to a level that would make me comfortable.”
 Bob Kerrey - “That would be a bit odd, given their preference for allowing states to make these kinds of decisions,”
 Bob Kerrey - “We're all seeing the same thing - our students, our staff and our faculty are asking that we provide quality facilities. They matter. They affect the decision to come, the decision to stay and the quality of the work while you're here.”
 Bob Kerrey - “It is likely that the biggest contributor is popular culture. A show like 'Project Runway' brands Parsons all the time, and that has had an impact on the number of people who want to become fashion designers. It's been largely good for the school.”

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