My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Kerzner - “Believe it or not, people experience the same things when it comes to buying life insurance - or making any big financial decision. It's just not on national TV and it's not nearly as dramatic. Sadly, many people just put off making any decision, sometimes until it's too late.”
 Bob Kerzner - “We see the contestants sweating out their decision, wishing they had more time to choose, torn about the risk of losing what they've gained yet excited that they could win more.”
 Bob Kerzner - “We have a verbal commitment on the team.”
 Bob Kerzner - “It means total reorganization of the whole franchise. This is a total change. We've talked to the players and told them what was coming about. We told them to forget about the last three months and focus on the months ahead.”
 Bob Kerzner - “The decision on 'Deal or No deal' is immediate and involves high stakes but it's simple compared with the decision to purchase life insurance. For that, people need information and expert advice to make a choice that will affect their family's well-being for years to come. After all, life is not a game show.”