My Favorite Quotes
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 Dinesh Keskar - “We have already announced commitments for various services facilities in India for which we would put in some 185 million in phases.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “There is a tremendous shortage of pilots in India.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “We are concerned, how can fairs be so low It is very difficult to sustain this for a long time.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “The presidential visit is really going to be a watershed event. We feel trade growth will be very high going forward.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “In the (Indian) domestic market, the growth rate (of the aviation industry) is 25 which could be sustained for the next three years but further forward, these factors will come into play (and orders for planes will ease).”
 Dinesh Keskar - “This would mean a lot of business opportunities from this region for aircraft manufacturers in the coming years.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “India contributed almost 12 percent of our total business of 120 billion in 2005. The Air India deal alone was a phenomenal one, as orders for as many as 68 aircraft were placed.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “We are committed to our customers' success. Our airline partners are looking for solutions, and Boeing has the most efficient airplanes and the broadest range of support products and services to help our customers maximize their fleets' operational efficiency.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “The 737 continues to play an integral role in meeting the needs of India's rapidly growing aviation market, and we are thrilled that this outstanding customer is reaffirming its commitment to the Next-Generation 737 family by finalizing this agreement. The 737-900ER offers 9 percent lower operating costs per trip and 7 percent lower operating costs per seat than its competitor.”
 Dinesh Keskar - “These are challenges before the industry which can severely limit performance and the airlines' ability to operate efficiently and profitably.”