My Favorite Quotes
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 Drew Kesse - “The Web site gives us a lot of hope and a lot of strength.”
 Joyce Kesse - “At this point, through the grapevine, I'm sure many people have to know who that person of interest is because people talk.”
 Joyce Kesse - “I guess the Internet grew so fast, so quickly, there probably needs to be regulations on these very same things.”
 Drew Kesse - “Negative things roll right off our family we don't allow negative things. We're realistic we understand it could go another direction. That just doesn't help anything.”
 Drew Kesse - “It's hard to keep things in check, everyone, when something happens like that, but we understand, until we get a call from the proper people, we just have to sit and wait.”
 Drew Kesse - “Obviously, a quarter-million dollars puts a lot of people in a different tax bracket. All we are looking for is getting Jennifer back. We're giving absolutely every person the opportunity to come forward.”
 Drew Kesse - “We are trying to find Jennifer and any side things that come up or side issues, it does make frustration for you.”
 Drew Kesse - “Your family and your friends love you. We know you are there. We will find you. We will not stop, and God, we will find you, and just be smart, as we know you are, and be strong, as we know you are.”
 Drew Kesse - “To my knowledge, yes. I don't think any of us are marked out. But to my knowledge, I believe, yes, he's out of the picture on that.”
 Drew Kesse - “It is not about the reward money. It is not about Web sites. It is about finding our daughter.”
 Drew Kesse - “We want our daughter back. We don't care if we ever find out who took her. We have to be honest about that. It is selfish.”
 Drew Kesse - “We do know that they are extremely busy and we do strongly feel that they will solve this. They will bring Jennifer back to us.”
 Joyce Kesse - “There's not a lot of women that are 5-foot-8, sandy blonde hair with green eyes that would have that, so if that helps any.”
 Joyce Kesse - “Honestly, it's coming down to all these nonsensical issues that have nothing to do with bringing Jennifer home and that has caused us more stress than I can honestly even begin to share.”
 Drew Kesse - “It's baby steps that make things happen. The car was great. Now we have someone who can hopefully help us answer some questions to find Jennifer.”
 Drew Kesse - “We're really not reaching out to a percentage of the population that is afraid to talk to the authorities. We want to make another avenue available so people feel less threatened if they're feeling threatened with authorities. Hopefully, someone will find it in their heart to step up and do the right thing and give us the opportunity to find our daughter and get her back to us.”