My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Ketchum - “It's like David and Goliath. We know how the biblical story goes. We're hoping for a repeat. It's going to take everyone playing their best game at the same time to pull this off.”
 Steve Ketchum - “It's gonna take us a weak to lick our wounds and heal if possible, but we'll be ready. Nobody is gonna play us harder or beat us up more than what we've already experienced.”
 Steve Ketchum - “But, don't get me wrong, we got beat by a team that was firing on all cylinders tonight. Roaring Fork played great. It seemed like they could do no wrong.”
 Steve Ketchum - “Those three kids all deserve the recognition they got. They earned it. It's a tribute to the hardest workers on our team. We're gonna miss our seniors, but Cory is a rising star in this league.”
 Steve Ketchum - “He's turned into the smartest player in the league during those last 30 seconds. Even with the pressure, he had the presence of mind to run a pick-and-roll with his money man. He looked for the right guy.”
 Angie Ketchum - “I think the girls are motivated as a team because we want to do better than sectionals. We want to actually make it to the state. We made it to the top eight last year, so the main goal is to make it to the top four as a team.”
 Angie Ketchum - “I think Nic definitely has a chance to make it to the finals. It depends on the draw. We don't know what region he'd be playing in the state if he advances that far.”
 Steve Ketchum - “The reality was we didn't play well. I don't know if it was lack of motivation or frustration. They just kind of spaced out and didn't have anything going. Bad decision making and bad shooting. We missed 10 lay-ups in the first half.”
 Steve Ketchum - “We played them two years ago in a regional. Lewis was the starting point guard as a freshman, and he was better than anyone we had faced all season. They're an up-and-down-the-court team, and they like to bring pressure. I think the kids know they have to play the game of their lives if we're going to have a chance.”
 Angie Ketchum - “Kelly did not lose a match until sectionals. She's a great athlete, a very consistent baseline hitter.”
 Angie Ketchum - “I hope Kelly's goal is to advance to state and possibly make it another round since she knows more about what the competition is like. Hopefully she'll make it to the finals.”