My Favorite Quotes
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 Eric Kettenhofen - “I didn't think we'd ever call it this year. (Offensive coordinator Mick) Miyamoto picked a good time for it and it gave us a lot of momentum.”
 Eric Kettenhofen - “How can you not miss a conference player of the year On the other hand, I think we'll be fine without him, and if the ball gets spread around more and we still win, that's what counts.”
 Eric Kettenhofen - “I'm sure they're thinking we're a lowly Division III team and they'll come in and pound us. But if we take it as a chip on our shoulder and play like we can, I think we have a good chance.”
 Eric Kettenhofen - “The quarterbacks and the coaches feel comfortable that all of our receivers, probably even six to seven deep, can get the job done. Everyone's looking good in camp and the more the merrier. I think it's going to work really well.”