My Favorite Quotes
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 Alan Thirkettle - “The availability of more than one transportation system offers a robustness that has great advantage over reliance on a single system. We would like an independent way of getting access to the International Space Station (ISS).”
 Gordon Kettle - “We've expected existing home sales to weaken for some time. It does appear that we're starting to see that trend manifest itself.”
 Alan Thirkettle - “It gave us the opportunity of completely cleaning that up and replacing it rather than doing a botch up and keeping our fingers crossed.”
 Alan Thirkettle - “The international nature of the thing is totally essential. We wouldn't have been able to build a space station ourselves.”
 Alan Thirkettle - “Clipper could also support exploration of the Moon. The concept could even be aimed at going much further.”
 Gordon Kettle - “In today's world, the large divorce rate does play a part. There are other factors, and whatever the single parenthood cause, it is difficult for a single parent.”
 Alan Thirkettle - “It's like the station's arm, capable of walking from base point to base point.”
 Black Kettle - “We were once friends with the whites but you nudged us out of the way by your intrigues, and now when we are in council you keep nudging each other.”
 Black Kettle - “We want to take good tidings home to our people, that they may sleep in peace.”
 Black Kettle - “We have been travelling through a cloud. The sky has been dark ever since the war began.”
 Black Kettle - “The Cheyennes do not fight at all this side of the Arkansas, but north some young warriors were fired upon and then the fight began.”
 Black Kettle - “I once thought that I was the only man that persevered to be the friend of the white man, but since they have come and cleaned out our lodges, horses, and everything else, it is hard for to believe the white man any more.”
 Black Kettle - “I have done my best to keep my young men quiet, but some will not listen and since the fighting began, I have not been able to keep them at home.”
 Black Kettle - “But we want peace, I would move all my people down this way. I could then keep them all quietly near camp.”
 Black Kettle - “All we ask is that we have peace with the whites. We want to hold you by the hand. You are our father.”
 Black Kettle - “These people that are with us are glad to think that we can have peace once more, and can sleep soundly, and that we can live.”
 Black Kettle - “I want you to give all these chiefs of the soldiers here to understand that we are for peace, and that we have made peace, that we may not be mistaken by them for enemies.”
 Black Kettle - “Why don't you talk, and go straight, and let all be well”
 Black Kettle - “Although the troops have struck us, we throw it all behind and are glad to meet you in peace and friendship.”
 Black Kettle - “I have not come here with a little wolf bark, but have come to talk plain with you.”