My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Barry - “I'd give Frank the ball every single day.”
 Kevin Barry - “I don't want to see more development on the waterfront. Knock it down, put some benches in there, some grass, a little area for the sailing operation. I don't want to see condos or some recreational center.”
 Kevin Barry - “It saddens me to think how hard we worked, after the disappointing losses to (Lennox) Lewis and Chris Byrd, to get David respected again, to promote, market and position him to again fight for the heavyweight championship of the world - and now he is fighting the likes of a Cisse Salif.”
 Kevin Barry - “That's a dramatic improvement that reflects the innovation of our loan management and collections processes. While almost all lenders saw improvement after the extraordinary events of 2005, our improvements are among the industry's best.”
 Kevin Barry - “We want to take education and make it a cultural experience.”
 Kevin Barry - “The signature is the same because they are exactly the same in production. So it's the same make and model.”
 Kevin Barry - “There is nothing like seeing the Irish flag during the parade fly with the American flag at the Liberty Pole. It's a celebration of all immigrants that have come to America ... for all immigrant people and the success in the U.S.”