My Favorite Quotes
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 Wael Khalil - “The U.N. is a good idea and an essential idea.”
 Wael Khalil - “When you kill little babies, things have changed.”
 Wael Khalil - “When you kill little babies, things have changed. We will try you, and you won't be able to travel abroad again.”
 Wael Khalil - “I think it will be hard to get people to vote until there is some differentiation between the state, the government and the ruling party-people see them as the same.”
 Wael Khalil - “Democracy is not really happening, if you look at the small print. They're putting on a show for the consumption of the foreign press and the Americans and we're saying no, we're not playing their game. It's rigged. We don't buy it because we know there's no change without the removal of Mubarak.”
 Faisal Khalil - “I have been called upon to serve my country and I am willing to do everything in my capacity to achieve the results we need.”
 Faisal Khalil - “There is a clause in my contract to this effect.”
 Wael Khalil - “In this sense, we haven't seen the U.N. do anything for us on the street. Just a little progress on this would make both us in Egypt, and people elsewhere in the Arab world, happy.”