My Favorite Quotes
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 Praveen Khandelwal - “We are calling a strike on Tuesday. The Delhi government is responsible for it. The people who are demolishing are the ones who gave rise to the illegal constructions in the first place.”
 Praveen Khandelwal - “We want the government to file a petition against the order to tackle the problem.”
 Praveen Khandelwal - “A multiplicity of authorities is leading to complications and we gave the minister a memorandum demanding complete statehood. It will cut down the time spent on passing an order or implementing a policy.”
 Praveen Khandelwal - “We had a positive interaction with Joshi for around 45 minutes and he said that any formula to stop sealing has to be within the court directive.”
 Praveen Khandelwal - “A careful study of the court order reveals that to hide their own shortcomings and dereliction in duties, the MCD officials have perhaps not placed actual facts in the court and a weak case was fought.”
 Praveen Khandelwal - “Our movement shows what people, united for a common cause, can do even without the support of political parties.”
 Praveen Khandelwal - “We drew his attention to the matter that the implementation of Supreme Court's order is an infringement of our fundamental right to live peacefully.”