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 Ghassan Khatib - “By avoiding dealing with the PA, you are going to impact humanitarian issues.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “It wasn't a difficult issue because we had an interest in demolishing, and they did, too.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “Israel, whether dealing with the prime minister or whatever politician, they will be dealing indirectly with policies, negotiated positions, that are determined by the Palestinian leadership which is headed by President Arafat.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “can understand why Israeli officials are nervous ... because, if this is going to be successful, then the Israelis will be faced from their side with having to fulfill their obligations from the road map.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “Stopping aid, even for ongoing projects, is not a constructive idea from a development and planning point of view. It's also not wise from a political point of view. These American measures are affecting the wrong targets.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “This is not news, ... This Israeli government is about consolidating the occupation. This Israeli government is about the expansion of settlements. So it doesn't come as a surprise at all. This is what we expect them to say.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “In light of their approach, we felt it just didn't make sense to participate in something that gives the impression of coordination and things going very well when in fact they have not been.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “He is pursuing a unilateral approach, which is not constructive, and he wants peace that is incompatible with our legitimate rights and with international legality,”
 Ghassan Khatib - “hostage to the peace process.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “This will not help us reach our target of stopping the violence and to reviving the peace process,”
 Ghassan Khatib - “President Arafat is in control, but President Arafat is not trying and has no interest in stopping the peaceful Palestinian protests against the Israeli occupation. He believes that this is useful because his public is angry and frustrated.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “We all were hoping after the withdrawal the economic recovery will be enhanced. What has happened is exactly the contrary, ... In the current situation, Gaza is really like a big prison.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “Any prime minister is going to be working under the supervision of the leadership of President Arafat because this is what the Palestinian constitution is about,”
 Ghassan Khatib - “It's a step in the right direction. The illegal presence of those settlers in a land that belonged to Palestinians was a major cause of the ongoing conflict and confrontations. So correcting this injustice by removing those settlers and bringing back the land to its natural and legal owners is going to contribute, hopefully, to the prospects of peace between the two sides.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “This is a recipe for continuing the conflict, and this is a message of an unwillingness to resume the political process.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “The only way out of it is an initiative to come from the international community led by the United States ... with some political weight behind such initiatives in order to enforce it.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “There was a very clear growing frustration, and all of us were suggesting that this will come up to the surface, nobody will know when and how.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “The problem is that the Israelis were trying to squeeze Yasser Arafat, both at Camp David and here on the ground in spite of the fact that he is trying his utmost to calm the situation.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “The Israeli interference is only complicating the situation for the Palestinian Authority,”
 Ghassan Khatib - “They can't benefit from joining the Palestinian Authority when they can receive more public support by being against the Palestinian Authority at a time when the public mood is very critical of the Palestinian Authority.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “Israel is narrowing the security space of the Palestinian Authority. This is playing into the hands of the only alternative to the Palestinian Authority the Palestinian opposition.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “His remarks did not attract the attention of the Palestinians because this is not news,”
 Ghassan Khatib - “This place is full of weapons, full of militias, factions, armed groups, everyone now wants a share of the cake ... and this is something that takes time. This is not something that can be solved quickly.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “We believe that the Palestinian leadership should be treated by the Israeli government like they treat other Arab governments.”
 Ghassan Khatib - “Many of us noticed this accumulation of anger and frustration. In our public opinion polls it was very clear that there is a decline in the level of support to the peace process...”

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