My Favorite Quotes
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 Eric Khoo - “When I saw (Tan's movie) 15, I thought this guy is just up there, you know, ... I said, 'Look Roy, just do a feature. Don't worry, we'll get the money, and you keep the budget really lean.' That's how 15 (the feature-film version) came about.”
 Eric Khoo - “He said he wanted to help me, ... He said he would give me 2,000 to make a movie”
 Eric Khoo - “I don't want to wait another seven years to make a movie,”
 Eric Khoo - “It's like a school teacher. Most of the students would listen and look up to the school teacher.”
 Eric Khoo - “She wrote me letters saying 'Hurry up, lah' and 'Forget about the script. Just come and film it and get it done'. ... Deep down, I didn't want to let her down.”
 Eric Khoo - “Now I see a better breed of young Singaporeans who are more vocal and will make certain changes to the country.”
 Eric Khoo - “If you have a comfortable life then you're going to become a nice sort of couch potato, and just take it in and be brain dead.”